10 Proven Content Promotion Strategies To Get More Traffic To Your Website

By Tiffany Harper

10 Proven Content Promotion Strategies To Get More Traffic To Your Website

Content is king. Most experienced marketers and successful brands are already vouching for that by developing unique and powerful content marketing campaigns.

Really, there’s no wonder why they do it…

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising channels and provides 3x as many results in terms of traffic and leads.

Another study from Curata points out that 74% of today’s companies confirm that content marketing is enhancing the quality and increasing the quantity of leads.

Clearly, content promotion strategies are crazily effective and popular in today’s marketplace. Regardless of your business type and industry, you can leverage content to improve your brand’s awareness, develop a solid brand reputation, and eventually increase your leads and sales.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 10 proven content promotion strategies to improve your business’ exposure and performance. Pay attention to the details, learn new tricks, and implement your own twists.

1. Create amazing content for a very specific audience

A successful content marketing campaign demands many things. However, the most crucial aspect you need to consider concerns your target audience. Simply put, you must acknowledge and understand your target audience’s characteristics, mindset, behavior, needs, problems, desires, and habits.

If you are to deliver value, you must know for sure that your content is going to bring something new, something that people can hardly find somewhere else.

Start researching.

Begin with Google Trends. Type a specific keyword (preferably your main keyword), hit the search button, and discover the amount of traffic and engagement your keyword has received over the last years, months, weeks, and days.

Continue with BuzzSumo. This platform helps you discover the most trending content on social media at the moment, as well as micro influencers who you can negotiate promotion services with later.

Lastly, I’d suggest you get familiar with your audience’s thinking by spending time on niche forums. You can use Boardreader (forum search engine) to discover relevant forums based on your specified keywords.

When you’re confident in your knowledge and understanding of what your target customers want to hear, you’ll know for sure that your content development and promotion efforts won’t be in vain.

The next step is to ensure that you’re writing amazing, exceptional, and breathtaking content, which your target audience will absolutely love.

Easier said than done, of course, but never impossible. The easiest way to ensure that your content is above average is to study your competitors’ content. When you want to write a blog post, search for that topic on Google and read the first and most relevant ten blog posts that cover the same topic.

Study each of those articles and gather their PROs and CONs, gather important details, and identify their best traits. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to collect all the details and craft a blog post outline that gives more value than all the other ten.

By developing longer content, you’re improving both your traffic retention, your backlinks, and …read more

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