10 Social Media Marketing Tools You Just Might Need

By Guest Author

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Social media marketing is a rather counterintuitive field. It looks like anyone could do it: post something (anything!) on social media, look for existing content, talk to people, fill your company’s Instagram account with your most photogenic team members. Sounds like a task for any kid of today’s social media era.

However, if you want your ROI to grow, this isn’t the way to go.

It may look easy, but it’s almost impossible to make social media marketing effective without financial resources, talented people, and the right tools for the job. This post will focus on social media marketing tools. These SMM tools stand out because they are user-friendly and keep improving in response to changes and trends in social media. I’ve divided them into three groups according to the most important SMM tasks that require automation: social media management, social media monitoring, and social media advertising.

Social Media Scheduling & Workflow Tools

These social media management tools are the ones that help you manage the workflow that social media requires (yes, it’s in the name). They make the process easier, more organized, less stressful, and, therefore, more effective. Here are a few of my favorites.


social media marketing tools IFTTT

So you’ve got your posts scheduled and maybe you even crossed off the content curation task. What’s the next step? To automate everything that comes before and after (and in between). That’s what IFTTT is for. The name of this automation tool stands for If This, Then That. It links all kinds of apps and services together to automate multi-step tasks in whatever way you want. So for example, if you publish a blog, you can create an IFTTT “recipe” that will see the new post and create a tweet as well as an Instagram post about it.

If there’s a task in your workflow that you always forget about despite all the post-it notes, try IFTTT.

Price: free

2. Buffer

social media marketing tools buffer

Buffer is a popular scheduling tool that allows marketers to schedule posts across a variety of social media platforms. You can either tailor each post to each platform or publish the same one everywhere.

You can use a Buffer Chrome extension to add any content you find on the Web to the Buffer queue. This adds a bit of fun and creativity to the whole process of content aggregation and sharing, because for once you don’t have to plan what to share in advance. Yet your posts still will be shared at the best possible times. You can also track links to see which content is most popular with your readers.

Price: freemium; paid plans from $15/mo

3. Quuu

<img src="https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/styles/simple_image/public/images/media/images/social-media-marketing-tools-quuu.jpg?Dv8ap0amX4b0F66bBUFag9NE1M0kwCIE&itok=RtS-CQEv" width="521" height="359" alt="social media …read more

Read more here:: wordstream.com

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