10 WordPress Plugins That Will Optimize Your Editorial Work

By Chris Mercer

10 WordPress Plugins That Will Optimize Your Editorial Work

Running a blog is like putting together a puzzle, in which each little piece of work needs to fit the whole picture perfectly.

Blogging isn’t just about writing the best content and publishing it for your audience. It’s about making all the right adjustments and editing your content until it’s perfect in every sense.

Luckily for you, there are WordPress editorial plugins designed to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient. There’s a plugin for each piece of the puzzle, helping you get to the end results in a more optimized manner.

Take a look at these 10 fresh WordPress plugins which will optimize your editorial workflow and help you run your blog effortlessly.

Page builders

According to Adobe, 59 % of people will read or browse through something beautifully designed rather than something plain and boring.

Let’s kick this off with some of the best WordPress page builders. Learn what they are and how can you use them to optimize your work.

1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder for wordpress plugins

The visual effect of your blog and each post that you write is of great importance. Divi Builder is a visual editor plugin for WordPress giving you control over the appearance of your blog and allowing you to pull all the strings.

Here’s what it’s all about:

  • Customizing your design
  • Drag and drop elements
  • No coding necessary
  • Applicable on any theme

Divi builder enables you to easily design your blog, customize its functions, buttons, sidebars, and make it in accordance with your own preferences.

It’s simple and easy to use, so it’s perfect for both beginners and experienced bloggers. Give it a try and see where it takes you.

2. Elementor

Elementor for wordpress plugins

Another extremely popular WordPress page builder with powerful features which can make your visual editing work enjoyable and easy is Elementor.

Here’s what makes it so great:

  • Live preview of your design. See what your visitors will see, as you edit the design.
  • Drag and drop elements. Choose what you need, add it, and edit it.
  • Free widgets. Select a widget from the list and add it to your design.
  • Free templates. Either choose an existing template and edit it or put together different sections to create your own template.

Elementor will make your editing work simple, clean, and stress-free.

3. Thrive Architect
Thrive Architect for wordpress plugins

Another fabulous WordPress page builder you’ll be more than happy with is the Thrive Architect.

It’s based on the drag-and-drop principle and you need absolutely no coding skills to use it.

It comes with the following features:

  • Font customization
  • Image and text combinations
  • Detailed styling
  • Customizable content boxes
  • Content tabs
  • Bullet lists

There’s a lot more going on with this WordPress editorial plugin so make sure to check it out and see for yourself.

Image editing

Editing images is crucial and with the right plugins, it’s also simple and easy.

4. Ultimate Image …read more

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