11 Quick Google Ads Tips to Increase Sales Today

By Nicole Blanckenberg

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Ready to turn your Google Ads campaigns into real money-earners? Sure you are!

The key to increasing sales with Google Ads lies in testing and optimization. But where to start? Whether you are a new store owner or a seasoned advertiser, there are a number of must-test Google tips you should be implementing in your optimization strategy.

Google Ads optimization can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got 11 quick Google Ads tips to help you increase your sales today.

1. Up Your Negative Keyword Game

Negative keywords are one of the most powerful elements of your Google Ads campaigns. Although often overlooked by novice Google Ads advertisers, negative keywords ensure that you’re eliminating searchers that aren’t relevant to your products and niche. The three key benefits of using negative keywords are that they:

  • Keep ROIs on point, as they prevent spending money on keywords where you won’t get a good return
  • Ensure searchers are only shown ads that are relevant to what they are searching for
  • Increase the likelihood of more targeted traffic, which in turn increases conversion potential

Negative keywords are one of the first optimization steps you should take to improve the performance of your campaigns or ad groups.

To increase sales from your Google Ads, you want to test adding negative keywords to campaigns or ad groups that have poor metrics. This includes ads that have low CTRs or your high-cost ads that are yielding few or no conversions.

Finding Negative Keywords

There are three ways you can discover possible negative keywords for your campaigns:

  • Use Google’s autocomplete feature to point to the relevance, or lack of relevance, of your keywords.
  • Use Google to search for the keywords you’re advertising with or want to test, to see who is advertising with those keywords as well as what organic search results come up. For example, you may be considering glasses as a good search term for your homeware product, but it is more likely to bring you a lot of people looking for eyeglasses and thus negatively affect your CTRs.

negative keywords affect search

  • Use keyword research tools such as SEMrush or Kparser.


2. Review and Update Your Keyword Match Types

The next Google Ads keyword optimization step is to test keyword match types for your campaigns. Keyword matching instructs Google how relevant a search term is to your ad, therefore displaying your ads appropriately. Your Google Ads account should include a variety of campaigns using different match types to suit the objective or strategy of each campaign.

google ads keywords match type

Over time, your matching strategy will change as you refine and segment performing campaigns. For example, as you start a new campaign, you may want to start with a broad match. This will help get a higher reach while collecting valuable ad data to optimize at the start. You can then switch to combination or exact match types to keep your campaigns highly relevant, thus increasing your conversion chances. This means smaller, more segmented …read more

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