13 Email Examples That Totally Nailed Personalization

By Amanda Zantal-Wiener

If you’re anything like most people, you can probably rattle off 100 different things you’d rather do than dig through your inbox.

It starts to feel like a chore, because what’s in there isn’t very interesting. In fact, only 21% of consumers reported that they’ve received a memorable promotional email in the past two months, according to a study by Litmus.

To overcome that, many brands are using email personalization as a strategy for creating more engaging email experiences — ones that feel less like a robot, and more like a friend.

The best part? Email personalization doesn’t need to be insanely complicated to resonate with recipients. To see what I mean, check out these 13 great email examples that cleverly use personalization.

13 Personalized Email Examples You Can’t Help but Click

1) OpenTable

As you may have gathered from my bio, there are few things in life that bring me as much joy as a remarkable meal. That’s why OpenTable is one of my favorite brands. Not only does it easy to make reservations online, but it also remembers my favorite restaurants, and helps me discover new ones based on my reviews and reservation behavior.

One way OpenTable encourages me to leave reviews is by sending me an email with a personalized subject line asking me how my most recent meal was that I booked through this platform.

Because these reviews help OpenTable figure out which restaurant recommendations to make for me, I’m already encouraged — but a personalized, specific subject line with a reminder of where my last reservation was, helps to boost my engagement.

2) JetBlue

Oh, JetBlue. You shouldn’t have.

This anniversary email highlights a creative example of a brand using something as simple as a date to provide a standout experience. Much like a birthday shout out, JetBlue used my colleague’s account creation date to trigger a personalized email to celebrate the fact that they’ve been “emailing for 365 days now.”

If you’re a HubSpot customer, this is an easy email to replicate for your contacts through a fixed date or property-based workflows. It allows you to base your workflow on a calendar or contact property date, so you can send anniversary emails, digital birthday cards, renewal reminders, and more. And if your business is sending a high volume of these emails, we also offer the Transactional Email Add-On.

3) Spotify

Here’s another great personalized email example that leverages a user’s interests to provide a relevant, value-packed message.

The copy in this email from Spotify is particularly effective because it frames the personalization in a way that makes the recipient feel like they’re being rewarded for their usage. Phrases like “top listener” and “be the first to get access” lend themselves to a sense of exclusivity — making the user feel important.

The email also closes with a written call-to-action that encourages the recipient to listen to Charles Kelley’s new …read more

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