13 Key Tactics the Pros Use to Encourage Continuing Education for Your Employees

By The Young Entrepreneur Council

13 Ways to Encourage a Culture of Continuing Education for Employees

Education doesn’t stop after you’ve earned your degree. As a business owner, you might recognize a gap in an employee’s experience or skills that might be bridged with further learning, or that as new tools and approaches develop, you need people on hand who are mentally flexible enough to not only learn the systems, but embrace the possibilities. To find out more, we asked entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council the following:

“What is your preferred method for encouraging employees to do continual education?”

Encouraging Continued Education for Employees

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

1. Lead by Example

“Want your employees to engage in continual education? Then show them how much you treasure constantly learning by modeling the behavior yourself. Take an interest in your own education and be an example of what you want to see in your team. Lead by example and take an interest in your own role.” ~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

2. Schedule Educational Training

“We like to encourage employees to continue their education by breaking off a couple of hours a week for classes or testing. If you’re offering your employees digital lessons, you can give them an hour or two every other day to work on their coursework during normal work hours.” ~ Blair Williams, MemberPress

3. Share Your Own Development

“When it comes to fostering an environment that cherishes continuing education, it is important to lead by example. We share our own professional development experiences, share resources that we have found helpful, and encourage employees to share what they have learned or what they are interested in learning more about. It sets a tone and encourages others to want to follow their leads.” ~ Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

4. Offer a Development Stipend

“We offer a development stipend that employees can use in a variety of ways to continue their education, including an online course, in-person course, conference or even a sabbatical. This shows that we are willing to invest in their growth and continual education.” ~ Angela Ruth, Calendar

5. Find Online Classes They Can Take

“If you want your employees to further their education in the company niche, look for great online classes that discuss topics in the field. Make sure you run through the course once yourself so you know whether or not it is worth paying for and presenting to your employees. Often times, the opportunity to take online classes will encourage employees to further their education.” ~ Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

6. Incentivize Education

“There are two potent methods of motivating an employee to further their education. The first is to assist them in paying for their classes and exams, either in part or in full. The second method is to incentivize them to educate themselves with the opportunity for upward mobility in the company, along with the potential for fiscal bonuses …read more

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