14 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Marketing Home Run of 2018

By Matt Douglas

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As marketers, we hit a lot of singles.

Singles are where our bread and butter come from—consistent success with tried and true strategies.

But, every once and a while, we hit a digital marketing home run…

They come in all shapes and sizes, on all platforms and mediums.

Today, we’re sharing the best home runs of 2018 from 14 digital marketing experts. Swipe their insights to make your business even better in the new year.

Let’s get to it!

Sunny Lenarduzzi, Founder of YouTube for Bosses

This year, we generated $100,000 from 1 YouTube video leveraging our signature formula for turning viewers into sales.

I built my business on organic traffic from YouTube, but at first, my strategy was mainly focused on list building as opposed to generating automated sales.

Creating an automated lead gen and sales system from our YouTube channel has allowed us to…

  • Diversify our lead gen platforms
  • Generate profit without paid advertising
  • Build our revenue with an evergreen, automated method

And in the video below, I detail the strategy that helped us achieve this…

We have duplicated the method I shared in the video above on the majority of videos on my YouTube channel, and we are averaging between 10-30% of our revenue directly from YouTube. We have also used this same method to generate over $5,000,000 in revenue for our clients.

See if this strategy can work for you in the new year!

Russ Henneberry, Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, & Speaker at RussHenneberry.com

Russ Henneberry

Selling high-ticket live events is tough.

You are asking a prospect to make an investment of the most valuable things they have: time and money.

And, for those who have never attended the event, you are selling them a “black box.” Unlike selling shoes or office supplies or cars, the prospect cannot hold the event in their hand. They cannot kick the tires or try the event on and walk around the store for a few minutes to see if it’s a good fit.

As a result, great care must be taken to reveal the contents of this “black box” through the use of images, video and… yep… webinars.

I’ve worked on many events over the years, but this year I hit a home run on selling a high-ticket bicycling event.

Here are the details of this 5-day campaign:

  • Business Name: Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers (Yep… seriously.)
  • Event Name: Coast 2 Coast Bicycle Tour
  • Offer Price: $8,900
  • Length of Campaign: 5 days
  • Total Sales: $214,100 (60% Margin. Not too shabby.)
  • Total # of Email Subscribers: 4,226
  • # of Emails Sent: 7

This campaign was divided into 3 phases and email was the primary marketing channel:

Phase I: Awareness, Interest, & Segmentation

In this first phase, the goal was to simply segment the email list so that I could stop pestering those who are uninterested in this ride and start pestering them with another ride. 🙂

I used a LOT of images in these emails (and on the landing page) to help them see what it’s like to be on this ride:

<img src="https://www.digitalmarketer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/digital-marketing-home-run-img20.1.jpg" alt="Email heavy with images showing …read more

Read more here:: digitalmarketer.com

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