16 Marketing Podcasts That Will Teach You Marketing

By Susanna Gebauer

I know that I am quite late to hop on the Podcast fan train. But I learned to appreciate the possibility to listen to valuable information while I actually do something totally different. Being a busy entrepreneur, I become more of a multitasker all the time. I have always had the feeling that I have to use the time I am given to the fullest.

And that is where all these amazing podcasts come in. They allow me to consume marketing information while I am busy with other work.

I end up listening to podcasts while I am cooking or while I am out on a long run training for a marathon. That is when a long podcast of a least one hour play time is best.

Or I am working on some social media images and listen to a podcast while I am moving little Icons and shapes around and playing with fonts and colors. That is when I rather fo for the short and sweet podcasts, listening to one marketing tip at a time.

But there are so many podcasts out there that it is sometimes a little tricky to find exactly the best podcast for a certain situation.

So here is my choice of the best marketing podcasts for every situation. Simply choose the ones that give you the best experience and match your listening habits.

1. Marketing in Minutes

This podcast is produced and published by my brother Jonathan so I might be slightly biassed.

Jonathan publishes three episodes per week. The podcast explains one marketing topic per episode in easy to understand words in just a couple of minutes. The aim is to make each episode shorter than 10 minutes and answer one marketing question per episode.

Check out the most recent episode “When marketing data isn’t helpful…

2. Marketing School

with Eric Siu and Neil Patel

I am a huge fan of Neil Patel. He is one of the handfuls of marketers who I firmly believe knows exactly what he is doing – and is generously sharing his experience with his audience.

This is a short and sweet podcast. Most of the time they concentrate on answering a single marketing question in about 10 min.

This is a goto podcast if you have a question that needs answers: Simply check if they already covered the topic. I have not yet been disappointed and found some very thorough answers by simply listening to one episode on the right topic.

3. Copyblogger FM

As all things Copyblogger this podcast is more on the content marketing side of topics. If you want to learn about content marketing, content creation, content distribution and all related things that will get you on the path to content marketing success: This is the right podcast for you.

Most episodes have a length of 20 – 25 minutes.

4. Unbounce Call To Action Podcast

Unbounce is a service for building landing pages – fast. They are very focused on conversion optimization.

Their podcast is covering many topics around marketing …read more

Read more here:: B2CMarketingInsider

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