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10 practical uses for QR codes in China 0

10 practical uses for QR codes in China

By Ben Davis For years in the Econsultancy London offices there was a QR code stuck to the microwave that took the unsuspecting scanner to a video of George Dawes’ song, ‘Peanuts‘. The joke...


Does Ad Viewability Always Equal Views?

By rMaynes1 Posted by rMaynes1 [Estimated read time: 6 minutes] There’s a lot of talk about ad viewability at present, and with big players such as Google announcing in 2015 that it would only...


Google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages

By Christopher Ratcliff Welcome to a speedier mobile web. It’s been a massive week for the Google SERPs this week and it’s only Tuesday. As well as Google killing Right Hand Side Ads and...