24 of the Best Call-to-Action Examples You Can Click On

By Lane Harbin

Whether you want more visitors to your website or sign-ups for your newsletter, your call-to-action (CTA) will play an integral role in encouraging people to take action.

More often than not, CTAs drive our next steps and we don’t even know it. For example, think about what enticed you to click on this article. Pretty cool, huh?

So how do you make sure people notice, engage with, and click on your CTA?

Below, we look at the 24 of the best call-to-action examples we could find, covering everything from newsletter sign-ups to eBook downloads.

The 24 best call-to-action examples for inspiration

CTAs are all about getting the right balance between simplicity, information, and intrigue. And to help you understand the best call-to-action types for each requirement, we’ve pulled together a wonderful mixture of examples for you.

1. Netflix: Free trial

The persuasive text in this CTA encourages you to take advantage of Netflix’s free trial. And the text just above the CTA also lets you know that the product is incredibly flexible and can be canceled whenever you wish. This helps builds confidence and knowledge before you click on the CTA.

Image Source: Netflix

2. Plated: Sign up now

First, Plated shows the benefits of the subscription, using phrases like “Everything you need,” “Amazing dinners,” and “Perfectly customized.” This builds a luxurious-yet-convenient picture of the product. Then, the CTA is highlighted with the bright pastel green box.

Image Source: Plated

3. Backlinko: Sign up

This CTA takes over the whole landing page, making it a really dominant feature. Adding to this is the great contrast between the lime green background and the red “Sign Up” button. It immediately grabs your attention and leads it to focus on the CTA.. Plus, its bold simplicity really instills a sense of confidence in the program.

Image Source: Backlinko

4. Lyft: Join in

In this email, Lyft draws the readers’ eyes straight to the CTA button, “Join in,” by using a bright pink color that matches its brand logo. If people want to know more before clicking on it, they can find easy-to-digest information right underneath it. And if they still want to know more, they can read the entire email without losing sight of the CTA.

Image Source: Really Good Emails

5. Dollar Shave Club: Get started

Instead of using the word “join,” the Dollar Shave Club has opted for “try.” This is slightly less committal and helps increase the confidence you feel in clicking the main CTA. This is further added to with the use of “risk-free” and the simple message about what you can expect from the service.

Image Source: Dollar Shave Club

6. Trello: Sign up—It’s free

Using a blue background, Trello ensures its CTA stands out with contrasting colors. The persuasive copy in white details the benefits of the product, while the green CTA button makes it clear what you need to do—sign up – for free!

Image Source: Trello

7. Campaign Monitor: Try it for …read more

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