27 Google Search Statistics You Should Know in 2019 (+ Insights!)

By Conor Bond


George Orwell was a prolific and insightful dude. An English writer who lived during the first half of the 20th century, Orwell was (and remains) known for his criticisms of political language.

A key source of Orwell’s discontent was the use of “meaningless words”—those words that, due to rampant and ambiguous usage, lose their meanings altogether.

“Data,” in my opinion, has become a meaningless word. I hear it constantly. Often, someone will use it, and I won’t really know what they mean. It’s frustrating.

So let’s take a second to define data (the plural form of datum).

Data are pieces of information. That’s it. If you look around the room and write down the things you notice, you have collected data (which, by the way, you treat as singular as a collective noun—as if this weren’t confusing enough). Those particular data may not tell you anything useful or insightful, but they’re data nonetheless.

That’s a crucial point. As a marketer, you’re not interested in useless information. You’re interested in data that you can leverage to more effectively grow your brand, capture leads, and sell products (or services). It’s no different for agencies; you need information to properly serve your existing clients and to pitch prospective clients.


Via startups.co.

Data enables you to build robust Facebook audiences. Data enables you to track and attribute conversions. And, as we’ll tackle today, data enables you to better understand the search engine at the heart of your PPC and SEO efforts: Google.

General Google Search Statistics

  1. 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day. (Internet Live Stats)

  2. The volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% every year. (Internet Live Stats)

  3. Every year, somewhere between 16% and 20% of Google searches are new—they’ve never been searched before. (Internet Live Stats)

  4. 90% of searches made on desktops are done via Google. (Statista)

  5. 35% of product searches start on Google. (eMarketer)

  6. 34% of “near me” searches done via desktop and tablets result in store visits. (HubSpot)

  7. The average Google search session lasts just under a minute. (Moz)

  8. Dating & Personal Services advertisers drive the highest CTRs on paid Google results. Just over 6% of their impressions turn into clicks! (WordStream)

  9. Organic Google results with 3-4 words in the title drive higher CTRs than organic results with 1-2 words in the title. (Smart Insights)

  10. Google has indexed hundreds of billions of web pages. All told, the index is about 100,000,000 GB large. (Google)

  11. Here’s a breakdown of Google search queries by length (Rand Fishkin):

  • 1 word: 21.71%

  • 2 words: 23.98%

  • 3 words: 19.60%

  • 4 words: 13.89%

  • 5 words: 8.70%

  • <p …read more

    Read more here:: wordstream.com

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