3 Powerful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies for 2017 (with Examples)

By Gracelyn Tan Ladd

When most people think about what influencer marketing includes they tend to think of B2C tactics: “product reviews,� “endorsements,� “sponsored social posts� and other paid promotion approaches. While, those are all tactics in the influencer marketing suite, influencer marketing doesn’t stop at B2C industries. Choosing the right B2B service or product provider can be tough, and there might be many touchpoints necessary before deciding; including consideration of influencer opinions. In fact, according to a study by Twitter & Annalect, 49% of people say they rely on recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions.

Influencer marketing, defined simply, is the art of building relationships with those who your target audience is already engaging with or influenced by. The B2B space is no different, just a little more complex and convoluted! Let’s use how I found Buzzstream as an example to look at the “points of influence� for a B2B audience.

Here was my path to BuzzStream use for our team:

  • Point of Influence #1: Google search
    We were searching for an alternative platform to one we were outgrowing for link development and influencer outreach efforts.
  • Point of Influence #2: A colleague’s referral
    A co-worker at Vertical Measures raved about BuzzStream because they’d used it at a past agency—I was intrigued so I did some research.
  • Point of Influence #3: An influencer article
    I took to sources I trusted, Point Blank SEO being one where I found this article about outreach platforms helpful. I read tons of comparison articles at this point evaluating all my options. I wasn’t committed or completely sold on BuzzStream yet, but it pushed me in that direction.
  • Point of Influence #4: More influencer reviews…
    I continued reading reviews on the platform from sources I tend to agree with. Such as this review of BuzzStream’s features on Page One Power. All reviews lead me to believe that this was the platform for us.
  • Point of influence #5:
    I was pretty convinced by this point so I started a free trial! 1 year after my search began.

People are apt to like brands that other people they trust like too. Think of the people in your life that you trust or take advice from—I bet not all of them are celebrities. As B2B marketers we must think about, and approach influencer marketing in a different way. We must think about how to get in front of the people who our target audience trusts in a helpful and authentic way at each “point of influence� in their decision-making process.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the ways B2B marketers can approach influencer marketing.

1. Build specific content for your influencers

Creating content aimed at helping your consumers and direct customers is incredibly important. Content marketing is built on this goal of providing useful and helpful information to your customers. But, this content doesn’t always match the type of content that influencers are looking for in the B2B space. If you’re not creating content that influencers are interested in, it will be difficult to get them to spread the word for you, or gain their …read more

Read more here:: buzzstream.com

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