3 Things Your Small Business Needs to Grow a Loyal Customer Base

By Jim McKinley

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Attracting new customers while retaining current ones can be a challenge for even the most established businesses. Luckily, there are resources available to help market your business, meet customers demands, and deal with potential issues. Some are free, while others come at a cost.

Here are a few tools your small business may need to boost your brand and bottom line.

Your Small Business May Need Some Tech Upgrades

When it comes to providing customer service, nothing beats old-fashioned gratitude and kindness — that’s something that tech cannot replace. But when it comes to bolstering your bottom line and keeping customers coming back for more, having the latest tech can definitely help.

There are quite a few small business tech upgrades to consider. In terms of building trust with your customers, security should come first. Each year, information leaks and online hacks cost businesses millions. They could cost your own business nearly $200 for each customer file that is breached. Those costs include data recovery efforts, but your business could suffer even more financial losses if customers do not feel safe shopping with you anymore.

So, don’t wait for an issue to arise before taking action. Look online for small business lending guides that will show you how to afford these important tech and business upgrades without offsetting your budget. From SBA loans to term loans, you can find a funding option that will work best for you and your business, and help you keep those loyal customers.

Your Marketing Strategy May Need Some Improvements Too

Creating an eCommerce business can be a great first step toward building a successful small business. You also need to think about getting traffic into your shop though. You may need to check out similar small businesses first to get an idea of what customers may be looking for. It’s also helpful to use this type of research to determine what may be missing from the customer experience.

A smart marketing plan is essential to growing your small business online.

Whether your business operates online or as a brick-and-mortar store, you also need to put some time into developing a smart marketing plan.

Building your brand is the core of any successful marketing strategy. For small business owners, this can mean using social media outlets to make more personal connections with your customers. Share small details of your life and be willing to share struggles as well.

When people can relate to a business on a personal level, they are more likely to become loyal shoppers. Marketing yourself on social media can be tricky, so you may also want to invest in social media marketing tools that will make reaching your target audience simpler.

Your Communications Need to Be Clear, Prompt, and Meaningful

Kindness and gratitude were mentioned earlier, and your communications are where these two qualities should really shine through. Whether you are reaching out to potential customers or connecting with existing clients, setting the right tone with your calls, emails, and conversations is …read more

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