4 Google Display Network Targeting Facts You Need to Know

By Joe Martinez

Google Display Network targeting facts

You believe in the power of full-funnel marketing, right? Good!

You understand that people aren’t going to search for you on Google or Bing unless they know you exist, right? That’s awesome!

So you see the value in display advertising, and you want to learn more about the Display Network. Well, you came to the right post.

Whether you are setting up a new display campaign or trying to squeeze all the worth from your current campaigns, there are many nuances to the Display Network that can make or break an ad group’s performance. Here are the top four facts that I share with anyone who wants to work with Display ads.

Fact #1: Placements don’t have to stick to websites

Most advertisers think of the Display Network as a collection of websites where we can show ads. While this line of thinking is mostly correct, it’s not fully complete. Yes, we can show ads on websites, but our ads can also appear on YouTube channels, YouTube videos, relevant apps, and app categories.

Google Display Network targeting placements

Just as exact match isn’t truly exact, your managed placements might not be as exact as you want them to be either. If the website you choose as a related app, your ads can also show up on that app even if you do not select it as a placement. Even if you are choosing specific placements, monitor your placement reports often to really make sure your ads are showing up on the websites you want them to be.

I recently wrote about some of my favorite ways to find new placements to target for the Display Network. Check it out if you are looking for a new approach to find and test placements.

Fact #2: Keyword targeting can work in a couple ways

Before you even consider picking keywords in your Display campaign, you need to understand the keyword settings. If you are currently running Display campaigns with keyword targeting, the two settings we have are Audiences and Content. Here is what a current keyword setting looks like for an ad group I have been running for a while.

Google Display Network keyword targeting options

The Audience setting will show your ads to users are have an active interest in your selected keywords. If you have this option selected, it’s important to know Google started changing the Audience setting to have users create custom intent audiences instead. Google advises how to manage this change on the Google Ads help page for Display keywords: “To continue showing your ads to people interested in certain keywords, move your audience keywords to new custom intent audiences.” Keep this in mind if you either already have keywords added to your Display ad groups or plan …read more

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