4 Strategies to Create a Truly Connected Customer Community for Your Brand

By Avinash Nair

Have you ever asked yourself how your brand makes your customers feel? Sure, your customer service department may make them feel satisfied, or your sales team could make them feel confident in their purchase. But what does your actual brand itself make your customer feel?

According to research, when customers report a positive “feeling” from a brand, they begin to feel connected to that business, and in turn, are far more likely to purchase from them. Knowing that a business cares, listens to opinions, and simply understands are HUGE factors in building this connection.

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When customers feel a connection to a business, they want to share that message with others. This is how a brand community is formed. A brand community refers to a group of consumers formed by the attachment to a product or brand. Think Apple, Xbox, Harley Davidson, etc.

Branded communities are incredibly beneficial to businesses. Not only does it increase customer loyalty, but it can also impact your website traffic numbers and result in higher conversion rates, too.

So, how can you start to create these important and connected brand communities in your customer base?

Here are four simple ways to get started.

1. Make Feedback an Opportunity for Conversation

Customer reviews are an essential tool for customer service departments in regards to handling issues and observing consumer sentiment. But, it can also be a great starting point for an engaged community.

Using a feedback system that takes things a step further than just a star rating allows customers to share their opinions and concerns. And most importantly, it makes them feel heard.

Take these reviews of Trustpilot as an example. While the star rating is certainly a part of the feedback process, each reviewer also writes out the details of the pros, cons, and overall experience with the product. This opens up a door for fruitful conversation between the customer and the business, of which can get a more thorough picture of how customers feel about the company.


Additionally, 27% of your future customers will look through brand community content as they research your business. By creating a platform that invites everyone to share their honest opinions, it not only opens the doors for you to respond and engage in conversation, but it can also be helpful for attracting wider audiences.

2. Understand What Types of Social Posts Encourage Engagement

Of course, social media will be a huge part of building a brand community. In fact, 59% of Americans engage with brands through social media several times every day, making it a prime location to start fostering a connected community.

This is done by sharing the type of branded content that gets your audience talking, sharing, and engaging. However, most businesses are missing the mark on what this means.

According to Sprout Social’s research, the type of content that consumers prefer does not match up with most marketing teams’ goals. Customers are far more interested in receiving discounts, special offers, and learning about …read more

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