4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a PPC Agency

By Pauline Jakober

Hiring a PPC Agency

For many companies, hiring a PPC agency is a big step into the unknown.

You’re not sure what to expect. And you might have some not-quite-accurate ideas about how the relationship will work.

We see this all the time with new clients. It’s why we have a formal onboarding process that helps us set expectations and answer client questions.

But even so, there are some things you should know even before you start looking for a PPC agency to hire.

I’ll use this post to outline four of them.

1. Performance May Not Match Other Channels

Sometimes new clients will decide to launch a PPC program because they’ve been getting outstanding results in a different marketing channel, such as social media advertising.

And so they come with the expectation that they’ll get the same results with PPC.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

It’s pretty common to have one marketing channel that performs significantly better than other marketing channels.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. But in general terms, some channels are just a better fit for some businesses than others.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get good results with other channels. However, you can’t expect every channel to match the results of your highest performing channel.

So don’t come into PPC with sky-high expectations based on your success in another channel.

You may get great results with PPC. But don’t expect it to blow your mind.

2. The Boss Doesn’t Always Make the Best Account Manager

A good PPC agency will think carefully before assigning any account manager to your account.

They want to choose the account manager with the best mix of PPC experience and industry background as well as enough capacity to take on the work.

At Group Twenty Seven, we’re fortunate to have an excellent group of team members to choose from, with a broad mix of experience and expertise.

In addition, we also schedule weekly team meetings where we discuss and review every account. This way, every account gets valuable input from every team member.

However, occasionally a prospective client will specifically request me as their account manager.

While I’m flattered by the request, it’s not always a good idea.

Because I’m not necessarily the best person for the job!

Often, other people on my team will have more expertise and experience in a particular vertical than I.

They can also give their undivided attention to clients accounts on a daily basis.

That doesn’t mean I’m not involved in client accounts. I work closely with account managers and provide oversight and guidance on every account. And I will serve as team lead for a handful of accounts when it makes sense.

But as an executive, my focus is more on long-term client account strategies than day-to-day monitoring and optimizing.

Sometimes, I think this request is driven by concerns about staff turnover. I recognize that having different people repeatedly assigned to your account can be disruptive.

But we try to keep these kinds of changes to a minimum. In addition, we frequently assign two or three team members to larger accounts to help ensure continuity.

However, having a fresh set of eyes …read more

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