5 Brands Creating The Best E-commerce Instagram Campaigns

By Bianka Velevska

Social media has become fundamental in the creation of any successful e-commerce campaign.

And when Instagram officially rolled out shoppable posts in 2018 – the game totally changed.

Now consumers can buy straight from Instagram. And e-commerce brands are raising the bar on shoppable campaigns. So, if you’re tagging products in your content, there are a few things you ought to know.

  • 60% of Instagrammers say they discover new products on Instagram
  • 80% of Instagram users follow a business

In light of such huge statistics, we’ve compiled the best e-commerce campaigns on Instagram in 2018 and 2019. Here we’ll take you through why they worked, and what you can learn from them. This way, your brand’s next shoppable e-commerce campaign can soar with success!

E-commerce campaigns mentioned in this post:

1. Wholesome Culture’s: World Ocean Day

How do you empower people to spread your brand’s mission on social media? Create products they are proud to use. Because Wholesome Culture does this so well, we had to feature them.

Wholesome Culture launched in November 2016. This initiative aimed to:

  • Create a movement where plant-based products were more easily available
  • Make cruelty-free living accessible to thousands of people across the globe

Wholesome Culture’s social media content strategy includes empowering, eco-friendly posts

Wholesome Culture created a shirt, right in time for World Ocean Day.

For the apparel to be added to their collection? A post of it needed 300 likes.

Wholesome Culture's Instagram post which surpassed it's 300 like goal.Wholesome Culture’s Instagram post surpassed it’s 300 like goal

The campaign blew their initial goal out of the park. Instead, landing a whopping 10,000+ likes for the tee pic.

Success factors of this campaign can come back to:

  • Relevant hashtags
  • Engaging with their audience
  • Scheduling content at an optimal time
  • Knowing their audience’s interests and style
  • Creating sharable imagery

Users also tagged their friends in the post. This generated excitement amongst the brand’s online community. As a result, the t-shirt launched before World Ocean Day on June 8th. This meant the brand’s audience could then share their shirts on the day tagging Wholesome Culture and generating more buzz. A carefully thought out and successful e-commerce campaign.

The Takeaway

Above all, involving your audience is an effective strategy. This is particularly powerful in the decision-making process.


  • Draws an audience in
  • Makes them feel a part of the product’s story
  • Gives your audience an added incentive to make a purchase

Try this out for yourself by posting a sneak preview on Instagram Stories. Or poll your audience about which colour or fabric they prefer your product in. Use this information for product development. This way you’ll have greater launches and products your customers love.

2. Showpo: Valentine’s Day

If you’re worried you need to launch a new product to have a successful campaign – Think again. Showpo is the prime example.

The Sydney-based online fashion retailer used Instagram to harness the power of storytelling. Conveniently, right in time for Valentine’s Day. Sharing different couples wearing outfits from …read more

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