5 Customer Appreciation Tactics that Retain Loyal Customers

By Holly McQuillan

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It seems clear-cut that customer appreciation would be an essential practice in every business.

However, a striking 60 percent of companies fail to express enough gratitude for those who keep their enterprise running—the customers!

Although every aspect of a business leaves an impression—website, social media platforms, salespeople—it’s the support team that acts as front-of-house for the most part. In fact, they will be the go-to source if the customer has any questions.

The question is really, “Is your customer support team going above and beyond for your customers?” Here are a couple of tactics that will help you hold onto your shoppers.

Listen carefully

One of the most invaluable tips that can be given to any customer service representative is to listen. This gives you time to absorb all the information you’re getting and shows that you’re ready to fix any issue they may have.

Firstly, listen closely to their problem, digest it and understand it from their perspective. Be sure to gauge the customer’s mood and reciprocate appropriately. Although many customer support representatives have set responses to certain problems, try proving to them that you’re adaptable for what is best for them and not just following a script.

Once you have a full understanding of any issues they’re experiencing, it will give you the power to personalize the service toward them. It will make your customers feel special.

Ask their opinion

As a general rule, when someone is asked their opinion, they feel more entitled and, more importantly, that their opinion matters. The same goes for your customers. Whether it’s on a call, email or even across social media platforms, make the effort to stop and ask them how they’re getting on with the product or service.

A straightforward way of achieving this is asking your customers for feedback after they have experienced it. Believe it or not, only 50 percent of U.S.companies use customer feedback as a way to make strategic business decisions.

For customer service reps, it’s the most actionable way to find out how you can improve the experience for your customers. In fact, the more the reviews you receive, the more data you have to work with to fix your service and, thus, your customers will be more likely to use your products or services again.

Check-in regularly

Remind your customer that you know they’re there by checking in regularly. By reaching out to them first you’ll demonstrate your efficiency as a company representative. In addition to this, with the increase of mobile technology, 75 percent of customers expect a consistent service, no matter what means they use to try to contact the business.

This tactic is especially important with any big holiday season. Make sure you recognize any new customers that have purchased your product or service around those times and check in that they’re happy with everything.

This will just remind them to shop with you again. For more information on how to retain seasonal shoppers, check out the slides from our most recent webinar.

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