5 MarTech takeaways: teams, product management, decentralization, marketing leadership, IT governance

By Scott Brinker

MarTech West 2019 Keynote Sketch Notes

Every MarTech conference is always a whirlwind of insights and ideas. It usually takes me a couple of weeks after the event to synthesize what my key takeaways were from the event.

Here are five that have resonated deeply with me — with huge thanks to Katie Kelly for giving me permission to share her awesome sketch notes that illustrate these beautifully.

1. Building High-Performing Martech Teams

Patty Spiller, senior director of growth marketing at Livongo, gave a truly fantastic talk on The Secrets to a High-Performing Martech (or Growth) Team. Katie’s sketch notes captured her five principles that transcend marketing and martech as solid advice for anyone who is pulling together a team in an ever-shifting environment:

  1. Establish a winning vision with joint brainstorming — and secure early wins.
  2. Embrace failure — talk about it with the team, “it will be okay.”
  3. Empower the team with responsibility and ownership — be okay with letting go.
  4. Build trust & accountability — everyone needs to do what they say they will.
  5. Help each other grow — signal that feedback is “coming from a good place.”

Very inspiring. Mapping back to the 5 forces of marketing operations & technology, these are evergreen principles for succeeding with the internal “humanize” half of the grid.

2. Marketing Technology & Operations as Product Management

Martech Product Management at The New York Times

Pamela Della Motta, director of product for marketing platorms, and Kristian Kristensen, VP of engineering for subscription growth, both at The New York Times, delivered a terrific talk on Applying Product Management to Martech.

I’ve come to believe that thinking of marketing technology and operations as a “platform,” in the broadest sense of the word, is a powerful way to frame it as an enabler for the rest of the marketing and customer experience organization. Your entire martech stack, combined with the processes and structure you put in place around it, is your platform.

Patty and Kristian make a compelling case for managing that “platform” like a product manager would. Your martech platform is your product — serving internal and external constituents. As a martech product manager, you sit at the intersection of technology, UX, and business. A day-in-the-life of your work includes:

Product management is an ongoing mission, unlike project management, which typically runs towards a finite ending. It also has a more evolutionary, market-oriented focus on continuous change, unlike classic “operations.” As with other kinds of product managers, martech product managers often find that this environment is ideal for agile management.

3. Guided Decentralization

<img src="https://chiefmartec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/idc-decentralized_600px.jpg" alt="Guided Decentralization in Marketing …read more

Read more here:: http://chiefmartec.com

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