5 Powerful Push Notification Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Using

By Marry Ann

5 Powerful Push Notification Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren't Using

Push notifications have become a common phenomenon for everyone with a smartphone, smartwatch or computer. You don’t need to know about them to receive one. If you are connected to the internet, you will receive a push notification every other minute from one of the apps installed on your smartphone or through a website browser.

However, despite this prominence, superior ability to penetrate a deeper section, and grander options for personalization, some marketers don’t get the precise ROI. Their investments on luxurious push notification services fail to even make up for the service rentals.

For instance, consider the following push alert screaming out an overwhelming deal on the Men’s fashion.

push notification services for push notification marketing

Now, if this limited time offer comes at the stroke of midnight, answer the following questions related to this particular event:

  • How many people do you think would actually see this alert at the right time?
  • How many do you think would be interested in checking it out when it’s clearly interrupting their good night sleep?
  • What about those subscribers who have blocked notifications on mobile but have them allowed on computer browsers?

That’s the nucleus of the matter. If we see how push notifications work, despite having quite tempting and great deals, many of them fail to get the deserving attention. Either they don’t make it on time, or don’t get delivered to the right device. This notification clearly deserves immediate action, but due to wrong timing, it fails to get that attention, not only on mobile phones but also on computer web browsers.

You must understand that, if people have opted-in to receive the notifications, they are actually interested in what you offer. You have to plan a little to make things, rightly timed, relevant to specific people, and finally get those relevant things delivered to the appropriate people only.

This article will discuss examples of this in practice as well as several push notification marketing strategies that many marketers aren’t using. By missing these strategies, they are missing the array of opportunities that push marketing holds.

1. You are not planning for getting opt-ins

This is how push notifications work. You cannot deliver push messages unless users subscribe to them from your website or mobile app. Specifically, for website-based web push notifications, you need to ask every visitor to subscribe to your alerts.

Luckily, Android users subscribe to app-based push alerts by default when they install an app. However, iOS apps don’t get this liberty. They need to manually ask every user right after the app-install to subscribe to the alerts.

Now here is the thing:

  • Despite subscribing to your push alerts by default, the Android app users can easily unsubscribe whenever they want.
  • The iOS users can do the same, even after manual opt-in post-app-install, and
  • Same goes for web push notifications subscribers.

It’s not easy to get opt-ins, and more complex is retaining the subscribers.

You need a plan of action that does not only entice the users to opt-in but also encourages them to …read more

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