5 Signs That Someone is Addicted to Social Media

By Delia JC Social Media

Social media has changed the way we communicate. While this shift is generally positive, especially when it comes to sharing relevant and crucial information, there is also a downside. There are many concerns in the scientific community related to the excessive use of social media, especially among the young population. This mostly refers to generation Z – who are probably the most frequent and diligent users of social media.

This population successfully harnesses the benefits of social media – they share personal information, videos, and pictures and even manage to find jobs or share educational materials. However, the amount of time they spend online is also potentially dangerous. One of the potential threats that lurk in the dark corners of social media is an addiction. Have you ever considered social media as a potentially addictive “substance”? You should! This list will show you the signs that you can spot in someone heavily influenced by social media. Social media can be an addiction, so the signs that someone is addicted are similar to those observed with other addictions.

5 ways to spot if someone is addicted to social media:

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1. They rarely put their phone down

In conversations, they look for any opportunity to pick up their phone and start scrolling on their social media apps. We are frequently experiencing this situation nowadays – a group of friends go out for dinner or drinks and none of them communicate with each other. Instead, they keep staring at their phones, taking pictures of their food or selfies. Does this happen to you or someone you know? How often? This might be the first sign that you’re addicted to social media. If the thought of putting your phone down or not checking your accounts every 10 minutes makes you nervous, you should definitely consider changing your habits. The same thing goes for games. New mobile games are super cool and fun, but they are also designed to be highly addictive, especially for new users. Before downloading a new game, you should definitely consider the amount of time you’re willing to spend on developing your virtual personality.

2. They are the first to comment or like the pictures and statuses of people they follow

… and this is because they are on the platforms constantly! It might seem like this person is your number one fan, but the truth is that they are always online and will probably like anything that is posted. If this is happening to you and you’re feeling a burning urge to comment or like every new picture that is posted, maybe you should limit the amount of time you spend on social media.

3. They may become agitated or annoyed when without battery, internet or signal

The smarter the phone, often the shorter the battery life. Some of you remember the time before smartphones when you could charge your phone once per week and completely rely on it for days. However, today that’s not the case. Most smartphones need to be charged on a …read more

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