5+ Tips on How to Create a Content Strategy Plan


We are realising the important and powerful impact of content marketing. Many companies are also taking this route and are seeing great success. Writing content and posting it to your website is not always enough to market your business. You need traffic to your website to reach as many people as possible. This is where a strategy plan comes into play. You need to know where you want your website to go and how you want your audience to view your content. Do you have a plan of action when you get the traffic that you want? There is so much to consider when setting up this plan, but I will attempt to give you some guidance. Here are my tips on how to create a content strategy plan that works.

  1. Keywords

Take a closer look at the buyers you want to attract and think about which keywords they would use to search for products you offer. You want to include these keywords in your content as many times as possible. It is very important to note that you want to include many keywords, but you do not want to be stuffing keywords. The difference is to use keywords in a way that goes unnoticed.


You want to direct the search engines to your website, but you do not want your keywords to take away from the actual content. Use your keywords wisely and build your content around it. The online community is very aware of keyword stuffing and would notice it very quickly. Choose 5 long tail keywords and use those in your posts. This is all you need and not much more.


  1. Know your audience

This is so important, because you cannot write for people who you do not know. Your strategy should include a section where you research the type of people that would need your products. What are their interests and what do they do in their everyday lives? It is your job to figure out as much as you can about them, so that your posts are specifically written with them in mind.


Take your time doing market research for effective content marketing. You want to build a relationship with your audience and by directly catering for their needs, you are able to do just that. This is not a quick process and should not be rushed, but in the end it will pay off and you are going to be thankful that you did it.


  1. High-quality content

There is no way of getting away from writing high-quality content. You can ignore all the other tips, but this one is the most important. Look for a free punctuation checker and go as far as finding a comma corrector. All of these tools are going to help you write better content. A good sentence punctuation checker will take the guessing away and a good grammar checker is going to become your best friend.


If you are going to build a relationship with your customers, you want to add value to their lives. You can achieve this by writing good content that is there to help them. Always remember that you are writing for your audience and not for yourself. Show that you care about the quality of what you present to them and they will surely come back for more. If your strategy plan includes more writing practice or a language skills course, you do what you have to do.


  1. Personality

In time, you want to show your personality to your audience. They need to know that there is a face behind the website. An actual person, who is writing the content. Do not try to be over professional, but instead, be yourself at all times. Your audience are more likely to connect with you if you sound like a real person and not like a robot. Just write the way you speak if this is difficult. Imagine you are having a conversation with a close friend and then write.


This is a sure way to develop a brand and a style for your website. If you are yourself, you won’t get confused with your brand style. Customers will resonate with your personality better, than what you have to say. Once they relate to you as a person, they are more likely to believe your content. Once you’ve gained their trust, you have won half of the battle. If you feel that your audience is not relating to your style, you can always tweak it a little.


  1. Have a schedule

Your audience need to know when you are going to update your website with content, so you need to work out a posting schedule. It can be once a day or once a week, but it needs to be consistent. I always advise people to be sure about this schedule and not put themselves under pressure. If you know that you can only produce a high-quality post once a week, then that is what you go to. You do not have to update every day and then skimp on the quality of your work.


Once your readers start to get to know your schedule, they will come and look for new content as per that schedule. This helps a lot, because you are now relationship building, just by being on time. This is where trust comes in once again, because your audience needs to trust that you will stick to your schedule at all times. If you are not consistent, you might cause disappointment and lose traffic.


  1. Research

The content that you provide needs to be rich and go over and above what other websites are posting. How are you going to stand out from the rest if you just post the same old information that is already all over the internet? You are going to have to add research to your content strategy plan. I am not talking about a ten minute research session before you write. You are going to have to put a lot more into that part of your plan. Dig deeper than any other webmaster would and give your audience more than what is usually given.


Your research does not have to solely be internet based. The library is a great place to do research and actually talking to other people is just as effective. Everyone has different experiences and maybe a good conversation with a friend can turn into a good post. You always have to keep your ear to the ground and stay up to date with new information. When you publish your content, be sure that you have covered every angle of that topic. If you want to be viewed as honest, you want to cover all your bases. Take your time during the research process, because it is the foundation of a good content marketing strategy.


Unfortunately, things do not always go according to plan, but it would be even worse without a plan. Be sure to draw up your strategy plan early on in your website’s days to give you some kind of guidance. Stay true to your plan and believe that eventually the traffic will come. This does not happen overnight, but it will. Continue to work hard and give it your all and your reward will be waiting at the end of it. There are no shortcuts to success. By laying a strong foundation early on, you are going to save yourself a lot of time down the line. Do things right from the beginning. With that being said, it is also never too late to start over. Start your content strategy plan today and see how things start to improve. Slow growth is still growth. Good luck on your journey to success.


This is Guest Post From Sandra Goode

About Her: Sandra Goode works as a content manager and her passion is guest posting. Her life credo is “Never give up“. Her dream is to become a cool writer and famous blogger. Sandra is fond of reading, traveling and cooking.

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