5 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

As everything goes online, so is there an increase in the need for online content. The number of blogs keeps rising from the first blog that was created in 1994. According to a feature by Mediakix, in 2017, as at that time, there were more than 400 million blogs in the world.

The blogosphere is very competitive no doubt. But it doesn’t make it a lost cause if you want to try it out. After all, you can use a rewording website for your paraphrasing needs. A blog is where you can connect with your target audience in a meaningful and personal way.

People are hungry for fresh ideas and new voices. You shouldn’t let your fear that it may be too late, to keep you from starting out. How then do you stand out from the masses?

1. Disrupt

As stated earlier, people are hungry for a new perspective. Each is different from the other. No one else can be who you are. You need to understand that and use it to your advantage.

Who thought there would be a time when people will be open persons who speak frankly about what is holding us back from achieving what we want. If you know Gary Vee, then you get it. I may not echo all that he promotes but most of the times, I agree with the message he passes.

You will notice, he has a considerable following. He doesn’t beat around the bush. Enough said about him. You need to start conversations that people will talk about for a long time. Take technology, for example; whether we like it or not, it is changing the workplace as we know it.

From automating tasks to eliminating some positions, we thought we necessary, but now they are not. Do something that surpasses the expectations of others.

2. Incorporate a human story into your posts

You have managed to get the attention of the visitors to your site. How do you make them want more? Use each article that you plan to publish to tell a story that they can relate to. It doesn’t matter how engaged you are in your social media accounts.

Take your readers on a journey that caused you to post. It doesn’t have to be a long post. A paragraph or two may do the trick. Your audience needs to connect with the person behind the curtain.

Channel your feelings for inspiration if you have to. Use paraphrase help, so as not to rehash content.

3. Use Strong Headlines

How many times have you skipped reading material just because it didn’t appeal to you from the start? Now, for you to draw attention to your content, you need to invest in using strong headlines.

That which will draw the attention. When shopping, say for clothing, don’t you go for the one piece that captures your attention? It doesn’t matter how good your writing is, you have got to direct traffic to your content, using catchy headlines.

Try the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool, to gauge the strength of the headline of your choice. Ensure that your content is compelling too. Getting people to read your posts, doesn’t stop with an attention-grabbing headline.

4. Quality Images and Graphics

Social media plays a vital role in sharing your content with the world. In light of this, you need to understand that most social media platforms have and will still be highly visual. For your articles to stand out, you will have to invest in quality images and graphics.

There are numerous sites where you can get quality photos for use, e.g., Unsplash, Burst by Shopify, etc. And some of the websites have copyright free photos. In that, you are free to use them as you see fit without paying a dime.

Also including graphics or videos, helps to engage the audience. It makes your articles more interesting. Use the available online tools for creating GIFs with Giphy or Memes with Meme Generator.

5. Have a Schedule for Posting Content

Readers will notice if you have a predictable schedule. Some post on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. If you post daily, then, nail down the hour at which you publish articles. If its weekly, then which days, and the same applies to monthly posts.

Whatever schedule you adopt, purpose, to stick to it. You will need to create the articles in advance. Find an ideal paraphrase application, to eliminate the possibility of plagiarism. Once you are sure of the originality of the content, use the CMS to schedule when to post.

You don’t have to hover around your keyboard as you wait for the time to click the publish button. Something may come up and cause you to forget what you had planned to do.


Yes, there are millions of blogs that you have to compete with as people crave for more online content. Luckily, there is a way to establish your blog and make it stand out. Stay true to who you are, develop your viewpoint and make your site mobile friendly.

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