50 Marketing Channels to Use to Reach Customers

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead

50 Marketing Channels to Use to Reach Customers

There are endless marketing channels available to small businesses. These channels range in cost, from nothing to a lot. Small Biz Trends takes a look at 50 of the most effective marketing channels small businesses can use to reach customers.

Marketing Channels for Small Businesses


Facebook is free, easy to use and offers a great way for small businesses to reach customers. Simply create a business page on Facebook and start posting relevant content to build awareness of your brand.


Twitter is another marketing channel small businesses would be foolish to ignore. Set yourself up with a Twitter account and start attracting followers and ultimately customers by publishing engaging tweets.


Being an inherently visual social media site, Pinterest is great for posting inspiring images and visual content to generate interest in your brand and reach out to customers.


LinkedIn is another great marketing channel for small businesses looking to optimize marketing efforts. Join LinkedIn groups to help establish yourself as a leader in your field.

TV Ads

If your marketing budget will stretch that far, why not market your wares on a TV ad? Television adverts are still one of the most effective ways to help brands and business sell their products and services.

Newspaper Ads

Who said print was dead? Placing an advert in a national or local newspaper (depending on your budget) is an effective marketing channel for drawing attention to your business and reaching out to customers.

Radio Ads

Advertising on a local radio station can be a cost-effective way to reach out to customers and build your business’s community presence.


Does your website really sell your business and its products or services? If it doesn’t, now’s the time to redesign your website so it shows your business to its optimum.


People can rarely resist reading a flyer or leaflet that lands on their doorstep. Design a colorful and eye-catching flyer of your business, sit back and expect an influx of phone calls!

Google AdWords

Use Google AdWords as a marketing channel to help your business appear on the search engines when people type in keywords relevant to your business and niche.


Start a blog and provide it with fresh, original and thought-provoking content on a regular basis to help improve your website’s SEO and make you be seen as a leading figure in your industry.


Another effective marketing channel is to create and publish an engaging infographic. Such visually intriguing content can attract visitors to your site with the view of turning them into customers.

Guest Posts

Making guest appearances on other people’s blogs is a marketing channel that small business should not overlook. Guest blogging is a great way to build authority in your niche amongst customers and peers.


Submitting content onto Reddit will help it be viewed by a wider audience. Featuring a news aggregator and discussion boards, Reddit is an effective channel for interacting with your audience.

Email Marketing

Customize personal and bespoke personal messages to your …read more

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