6 Instagress Alternatives (That Won’t Shut Down Anytime Soon)

By Isabelle Hahn

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With one billion monthly active users, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms today. But the sheer volume of users can make the tool feel intimidating — how is your business supposed to stand out?

It can feel difficult to validate your brand on Instagram, particularly when there’s eight million other business accounts on the platform. If you’re a small business, you know the struggle of growing an audience and engaging with your followers.

Ultimately, when you spend time and effort curating the perfect Instagram presence, it can be frustrating when you don’t see an immediate return. For some, this is when buying followers or using a growth service becomes an option.

Here, we’re going to explore what a growth service is, options of growth services you can use to increase your follower count on Instagram, and alternative ways to boost your audience and engagement without using a third-party service.

What is a Growth Service?

A growth service is a third-party tool that can be purchased to grow followers and engagement on social media. Growth services can be organic or automated, and can sometimes violate a social media platform’s Terms of Service.

Purchasing followers is becoming more common as influencers rise and followers become a sort of currency. But your audience — your real audience — knows better. Buying followers is a tactic that is easy to see through, doesn’t impact long-term engagement, and can actually lower your brand’s reputation.

For a long time, the place to purchase followers was Instagress. Instagress was a growth service that used automation to artificially engage users through likes and follows.

The fall of Instagress can’t be pinpointed to one specific thing, but could be attributed to Instagram’s Terms of Service updates that make using a third-party service risky business, especially if it involves automation. If Instagram senses your followers are bots, or bots are engaging with users on your behalf, your account can be temporarily or permanently banned.

With that warning in mind, if you’re looking to increase your following, here are some Instagress alternatives you can use to increase your follower count, followed by ways to boost your following and engagement without relying on a third-party service.

Instagress alternatives

    1. SocialSteeze
    2. Magic Social
    3. Kicksta
    4. Combin
    5. Upleap
    6. Jarvee

1. SocialSteeze

SocialSteeze is a growth service that uses machine learning to engage followers by targeting accounts through usernames, location, and hashtags. SocialSteeze assigns you a dedicated account manager to build growth in engagement and increase followers over time. Since there is a real human behind this growth service, it complies with Instagram’s Terms of Service — therefore your account is safe from deactivation.


  • Regular plan: $15/week or $38/month. Includes a targeted audience, a guarantee of real followers, and a fully …read more

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