7 AI Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

By Thomas Griffin

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world, whether it’s Amazon’s Alexa in your home or Google Assistant on your mobile phone, AI is here to stay. With the introduction of AI, our most mundane daily tasks can be automated, which allows people to focus on the more important things in life, or in business.

According to studies, many businesses believe that AI is going to be fundamental in the future. In fact, 72 percent termed it a “business advantage”. If you haven’t adopted AI in your business yet, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to automate your processes which will make your team more productive and allow you to keep up with the competition.

So if you want to harness the power of AI to streamline your business, take a look at these seven AI tools that will make your life easier.

Phone Call Note Taking

Do you struggle to take notes during important phone calls and listen to the conversation at the same time? If so, then Tetra is an AI tool that you’ll definitely want to check out. Tetra uses AI to take notes on phone calls, keep you focused, remember the details and keep your team in sync.

Tetra’s superior speech recognition allows you to receive a detailed synopsis of your meeting minutes after the phone call ends, it includes speaker labels so you know who said what and has the ability to organize the conversation effortlessly with automatically extracted topics. You’ll never miss an important detail, follow-up or date again with this powerful notetaker.

Manage your Emails

As an entrepreneur your inbox is typically overflowing with messages, at every hour of the day, and it can be frustrating and overwhelming to manage it all. But with Knowmail, you can make the process much easier. Knowmail is a personalized AI-powered assistant that will help you manage your emails more efficiently.

The AI assistant quickly learns your email habits, privately and securely, so that the tool can display to you your most important emails in a summarized and actionable way. Checking and responding to emails will become the least stressful part of your day with this tool.

Outreach Assistant

Nudge AI is an excellent modern sales platform that ensures you never miss an opportunity to build relationships that drive revenue growth. Nudge AI enables faster outreach to target accounts by systematically facilitating warm introductions.

While you’re typing an engaging email to a contact, Nudge AI scans the massive amount of data on the web to find the latest personal mentions, company news, social activity and more without having to leave your inbox. Your lead research will be a breeze and your company sales outreach will stand out by sending more personalized, insightful messages.

Job description writer

Do you struggle to write enticing job ads that attract the people you’re looking for? Well, recruiting diverse and talented employees has never been easier with Textio. This AI tool analyzes job descriptions in real-time, highlighting jargon, boring sections, and words that could come …read more

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