7 Best Sumo Alternatives For List Building, Social Media, and More

By Nina DeLaCruz

So you’re looking for some Sumo alternatives, huh?

Sumo, formerly known as SumoMe, is a popular set of growth-boosting tools for websites, including list building, social sharing, and other functionality.

While Sumo does offer a free plan, it has a hard subscriber cap, after which you’ll need to pay for one of the monthly recurring plans. And that fact is probably what has you out here searching for alternative tools.

In this post, you’ll find 7 Sumo alternatives for a range of functionality. Some of them offer a similar all-in-one approach, while others just try to do one of Sumo’s features really well.

Ready to find the perfect solution for your website? Let’s dive in…

1. GetSiteControl – Deploy 7 Helpful Widgets From One Dashboard

GetSiteControl is an all-in-one tool that lets you deploy 7 different types of widgets on any website.

Together, these widgets can replicate much of Sumo’s functionality, plus tack on new functionality for stuff like surveys, live chat, and more.

Currently, GetSiteControl has widgets for:

  • Email subscribe forms (a good replacement for Sumo List Builder)
  • Contact forms (a good replacement for Sumo’s contact forms)
  • Promotions/CTAs
  • Surveys
  • Social follow
  • Social share (a good replacement for Sumo’s social functionality)
  • Live chat

Once you add the single GetSiteControl code snippet to your site (or install the WordPress plugin), you’ll be able to deploy and manage widgets instantly from the GetSiteControl dashboard:

You can control each widget’s placement and layout. For example, you could go with a slide-in in the corner or a notification bar up top.

And you can also trigger all your widgets with unique conditions, like after a certain amount of time or how deeply a user scrolls. You also get detailed targeting options that let you control which visitors see your widgets and on what content your widgets appear.

With the paid plans, you’ll even be able to run A/B tests to optimize your widgets.

This Sumo alternative in one sentence:

Using one cohesive interface, GetSiteControl lets you connect with your visitors in a variety of helpful ways, complete with helpful targeting and trigger options.

It’s a good alternative for Sumo’s…

List building, social sharing, and contact form functionality. Plus, you can also do a lot more, like run surveys or connect over live chat.

This tool costs…

GetSiteControl basic features are free for up to 50,000 monthly widget views. For more views and advanced functionality, paid plans start at $19 per month.

2. OptinMonster – Display A Huge Variety Of Opt-in Forms

Originally launched as a WordPress plugin, OptinMonster is now a standalone lead generation tool that works with any type of website.

Unlike GetSiteControl, OptinMonster focuses on one specific task – building your email list.

To accomplish that, it gives you a good deal of flexibility, though.

You can display a variety of different forms – including popups, notification bars, welcome mats, slide-ins, and more, which makes it a great replacement for pretty much all of Sumo’s list building functionality.

And you also get detailed rules to control:

  • What content your opt-in forms display on
  • Which visitors can see your forms
  • When your forms are triggered, …read more

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