7 of the Most Creative Interactive Videos We’ve Ever Seen

By cchi@hubspot.com (Clifford Chi)

Choose your own adventure stories aren’t just limited to the form of books anymore. In December 2018, Netflix’s Black Mirror released Bandersnatch, an interactive film about a young programmer named Stefan who adapts his favorite choose your own adventure novel into a video game for a major gaming company.

However, as his deadline looms and the pressure to perfect his game mounts, Stefan starts to question his own reality, growing increasingly paranoid that he’s actually a character in a choose your own adventure story. Throughout the film, you must make every one of Stefan’s major decisions, and each of your choices alter the narrative he experiences, which has five endings and over one trillion story combinations.

Netflix’s experimentation into interactive content piqued a massive amount of interest and generated just as much buzz. But the film industry isn’t the first to dabble in interactive content. Marketing blazed that trail, and there are brands who have created interactive videos that are arguably just as entertaining as Bandersnatch.

Below, we’ve curated a list of the seven most creative interactive videos we’ve ever seen. Read on to get some inspiration for your own interactive video in 2019.

7 of the Most Creative Interactive Videos We’ve Ever Seen

1. Major Lazer | Know No Better Interactive Music Video

Watch video here.

Everyone has a dream that they fantasize about from time to time, but what would it take for us to actually pursue this dream and turn it into a reality? Well, Major Lazer’s interactive music video for their song “Know No Better” could be your spark of inspiration.

As the video plays, you can leap from a young boy’s dream of being a famous dancer who dates his dream girl to his stark reality where he’s a shy loser who feels frustrated with his actual life.

Towards the end of the video, however, these contrasting narratives start to converge, and you witness him muster enough courage to dance with his dream girl in reality, rather than only in his dream.

2. Eko | That Moment When

Watch video here.

There are quite a few brands creating films in the interactive space, but most aren’t creating original shows like Eko does, which has produced five original interactive shows, ranging from animated comedies to technological thrillers.

One of their best interactive shows is a hilarious series called That Moment When, which is about a woman named Jill who encounters awkward moments at the beginning of each episode, and your job is to help her maneuver them as gracefully as possible.

If you interact with the video above, you’re tasked with helping Jill navigate the awkward situation of vaguely remembering a guy who totally knows her. As you struggle through this cringeworthy interaction, you have to predict certain traits about the guy, and if you guess correctly, you earn points that buy you letters of his name, like Jeopardy, and they ultimately help you …read more

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