7 Recent Online Advertising Updates You Should Know

By Conor Bond


As every marketer knows, online advertising is in constant flux.

AdWords rebranded to Google Ads last summer.

With an ever-expanding suite of platforms for you to leverage, it makes sense that new features, ad formats, placements, and targeting functionalities are emerging (and vanishing) all the time.

And although that’s what makes online advertising exciting, it’s also what makes online advertising overwhelming. Keeping up with the news is legitimately time-consuming, and when your schedule is packed with everything from keyword research to landing page design, it can often feel as if you’re simply destined to fall behind.

Not on our watch, bub. Here’s a quick round-up of seven online advertising news stories—coming from the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn—that may have slipped past you in recent weeks.

YouTube Serves Text Ads in Search Results

During the final week of January, Marketing Land hosted SMX West—a search marketing conference where SEMs and SEOs converge for two days of networking and collaborating and what have you.

As you may expect, Google reps were in attendance. They announced that Google is incorporating YouTube into its Search partners network—a group of search engines and websites where you can run Google Search campaigns.

The idea behind the network is that it enables Search advertisers to expand the reach of their campaigns. If that aligns with your marketing goals, you can opt in.

Now that YouTube is a Search partner, advertisers who’ve opted into the network may have their text ads served to YouTube users. It’s important to note that—for now, at least—YouTube will only serve your text ads to mobile users.

According to Google, several months of testing indicate that YouTube Search ads perform comparably to Google Search ads in terms of CPA.

Quora Rolls Out Auction Insights and Keyword Targeting

Quora Ads is a fairly new platform—it just rolled out in the spring of 2016. As such, it’s a good idea to keep your eye on it for announcements and releases.

Exhibits A and B: auction insights and keyword targeting.

Let’s start with the former. Quora has announced three new metrics to help their advertisers get more complete ideas of how well they’re competing in the ad auction.

  • Auctions Lost to Competition. Entering the Quora ad auction doesn’t guarantee that your ad will be shown to users. Auctions Lost to Competition reflects the rate at which you’re entering the auction and failing to win impressions. Quora says its algorithm factors in both creative relevance and maximum CPC bid.
  • Impression Share. This reflects the rate at which you’re entering the auction and winning impressions. It’s analogous to a baseball team’s winning percentage.
  • Absolute Impression Share. This reflects the rate at which you’re entering the auction and winning the top ad ranking.

Although basic, these three metrics provide highly actionable insights. Take Impression Share, for example. You know that Quora’s algorithm takes into account both creative relevance and maximum CPC bid. If you’re dissatisfied with your ads’ rankings but uncomfortable with placing higher bids, you know you have work to do on your …read more

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