7 Tools to Engage Your Facebook Audience

By Mary Cate Spires

In the wake of the Facebook apocalypse, many brands are scrambling to reassess their Facebook strategy. If Facebook has been successful for your brand, but you are scratching your head at how to spark genuine conversation on your posts, you have come to the right blog.

Below are seven different tools that you can use to engage your Facebook audience. Use them creatively and watch your Facebook engagement rise. With these tools, you will be ready to survive the apocalypse.

1. ManyChat

The year of bots is upon us, so why not use this new technology to navigate through the new rules of Facebook. With ManyChat, the possibilities are endless. ManyChat allows you to create your own Facebook Messenger bot. With ManyChat, your audience can easily subscribe and be notified of things like blogs or even Facebook Live events. The best part? ManyChat has a free version to help you get your feet wet in the world of Messenger marketing.

My favorite part: You can use ManyChat to nurture your leads in Facebook Messenger. Find out everything the tool can do.

2. Rival IQ

A big part of increasing your engagement is knowing what is and isn’t working. Add that to what is working for your competition, and you have a solid Facebook strategy. Rival IQ lets you do just that. This tool helps you break through the other noise on Facebook by providing analytics of how your efforts have performed with your audience and compares them to your other posts, as well as your competition’s posts.

My favorite part: If you are a HubSpot customer, you get free analytics. Find out more.

3. Lumen5

Facebook loves video, but with the new algorithm update, just making and posting video won’t keep your audience engaged. Lumen5 helps you make engaging videos that spark the genuine conversation Facebook is looking for. This tool helps you turn your blog articles into social media videos in just a few minutes. No video editing experience required.

My favorite part: You can plug in an RSS feed and automatically have a new video template created for every blog. See what else Lumen5 can do.

4. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social media management tool on steroids. This tool helps you publish posts, engage with your audience, and monitor social all in one place. But it doesn’t stop there: It also helps you create Facebook contests and collaborate with peers, and gives you powerful social analytics. This tool gives you almost everything you need to start engaging your audience.

My favorite part: Agorapulse’s Facebook Barometer gives you a free snapshot into how your fans are currently interacting with your page.

5. Likealyzer

Are you still wondering what your Facebook page needs in order to fully engage your audience? Likealyzer will analyze your Facebook page and give you recommendations based on how your page is performing versus your competition. Although this tool cannot replace expert recommendations, it is a great start.

My favorite part: Likealyzer will give you recommendations you may not …read more

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