7 Worst Samples of Dummy Jobs Your Business Can Outsource

Decreasing expenses and increasing income is the goal for every business. Hiring staff can become an expensive task. You are required to provide a space to work in as well as resources to your staff. This does not only have financial implications but creates more of a responsibility for you. Looking for a manual typing service does not have to be complicated. You can outsource a lot of these tasks to someone who works virtually.

You do not have the obligation to meet any statutory costs for these freelancers and you are able to focus on more important aspects of your business. It does take time and scrutiny to find the right individuals or companies to work with, but it is worth it when you find a perfect fit.

  1. Bookkeeping

Many small business owners try and do everything themselves. If they start to burn out the only possible option seems to hire someone to take over a few tasks. Bookkeeping can easily be outsourced to the right company or individual. When it comes to your business’ finances, you want to be sure that everything is done correctly. Knowing what the financial status of your business is, can help you identify crucial information about the state of the business.


  1. Administrative tasks

You can go to any freelancer website right now and find a ton of virtual assistants. Many of these assistants have better credentials than anyone you can find in your area. You do not have to find someone that offers a simple typing service but there are virtual assistants who will run your administrative side of the business flawlessly. Understand what type of support you are looking for and find someone who can offer those exact services. Every virtual assistant has a set of skills and you want to make sure it matches your needs. You can hire someone on a 1 week trial basis and if you are not happy with the service, you can simply hire someone else. There is no obligation to stick to the first assistant if you are not happy.


  1. Content marketing

We live in a digital world and your business should be doing online marketing. Having an online presence is crucial as most consumers will check out a company’s website before starting doing business with them. It just is the way we do things at the moment. Not having a website can cost your business more than the initial outlay of cash. Unfortunately, you cannot just write a short article that has no value and post it online. There are standard that needs to be adhered to and you might not have the time or the skills to manage that side of your business. Finding a content marketer online is fairly easy. In fact, you can also just hire a SEO expert writer and post the articles on your website or social media platforms.


  1. Web design

The average person does not know how to design a great website. If your business is in desperate need to start creating an online presence, you do not have to hire a full time web designer. This is a once off tasks, with perhaps some maintenance as time goes on. There are some great web designers who will not charge you an arm and a leg. Find someone with a few samples to make sure they understand what you are looking for. Every web designer has their own style and you might want to look around for a bit before making a decision. You do not want to have to redo your website in a short space of time because you are unhappy with the results. Take your time and find someone whose style you like.


  1. Human Resources

A company does not need a dedicated HR manager on site. There are times when a business deals with a serious issue and then there are times when everything seems to be running smoothly. Find a good HR manager or company to help you in times when you need that support. You can work out a fee per hour instead of committing to a full-time employee package.


  1. Telephonic sales

Call centres are a missing to manage and a costly exercise. Even if your staff works on a commission basis, you still need to provide the resources. This initial layout is a lot of money you do not need to be spending. Instead, outsource this service to individuals who already have these resources in place. You are going to save a ton of money and still get the results you want. They can apply by simply typing a resume and submitting it to you virtually. This job is results based and you can let someone go who is not delivering.


  1. Social Media

If you want your brand to be known by as many people as possible, you have to be on social media platforms. There are individuals who will run this process for you straight from their home offices. In fact, they might even do a better job than you would seeing as this is their only focus. When you try to multi-task, you usually let something fall by the waist side. It’s as easy as going to a freelancing website and searching for a social media expert. You will be surprised by the amount of people doing this for a living.


Outsourcing is going to help you balance your time and business. There really is no reason for you to pay for a big office space when you are just starting out and want to keep costs low. A lot of these services is going to cost you a minimal per hour or per job rate. It is definitely better than dealing with staff calling in sick or getting to work late. You do not have to deal with any of the drama and you still grow your business. Most businesses are outsourcing services to help save costs and possibly save the business.

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