8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 YouTube Views in 10 Months: Case Study

By Josh Coffy

8 Steps to Capturing 500000 Youtube Views in 10 Months

As an avid marketing blog reader, my inbox and Feedly are constantly filled with fantastic marketing techniques on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Although I use these social media sites heavily, I’d like to bring in another extremely powerful (often overlooked) marketing platform to the table—YouTube.

The first 100,000

At the beginning of 2013, my business partner and I decided to attempt a different marketing tactic for our (slow) growing drumming education company, Flight Drummers.

We constantly used Facebook and Twitter as our prime marketing resources, but it was soon apparent that the dream wouldn’t last long if we didn’t pick up more traffic or make more sales.

That month, we studied our competition hard and realized that Youtube was a rare marketing commodity in the drumming industry. Sure, a majority of drumming education companies had Youtube channels, but the view count, subscriber count, and interaction was minimal.

Seeing as this was a difficult marketing strategy for competition in our niche, we decided to capitalize on their weakness by filming some Youtube videos.

The following month, we geared up, filmed, edited nearly 70 videos, and began harnessing the true power of Youtube.

Within three months, we had accumulated more than 100,000 Youtube views with 1,800 subscribers, and by month 10, had generated 500,000+ views, accumulated a Youtube subscriber base of more than 8,400 people, and established paid members in 14 countries—primarily through Youtube.

Despite our current success with Youtube marketing, it wasn’t until we began following these eight steps, that we began to experience 2,000-3,000 views per day (5,000-7,000 views on release days) and a highly interactive subscriber base.

Let’s get started

Here are the 8 steps to capturing 500,000 YouTube views in just 10 months.

1. Stalk your competition

Although this sounds slightly odd, it’s necessary. Subscribe to channels that will be competing with you for views, subscribers, and ultimately sales. The goal is to learn from their mistakes and generate success–quicker.

A few things to study include:

  • Posting Days & Times. (Find what day of the week they’re posting and time of day they’re posting and try them yourself. Chances are, if they’ve been at the game long enough, they know what days and times generate the most views. This can save you boatloads of time trying to find the most effective days & times. We found the best days to post (in our industry) are Mondays and Wednesdays after 6pm EST. Most people are off work in our time zone and ready to be on their favorite social sites.)

  • Posting Material. (Is their content generating positive comments or are people responding negatively to their videos? Find what they’re doing wrong, and do it right.)

  • Posting Frequency. (We found that our competition was posting once per week on average, so we immediately jumped to 3 times per week. This positioned us as a more informative resource and skyrocketed our views. People like channels that generate fresh content consistently.)

Once you’ve done your …read more

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