A Relentless Focus on the Customer Gives San Francisco’s 360 Payments a Winning Edge

By Small Business Editor

A Relentless Focus on Customer Centric Selling Gives San Francisco's 360 Payments a Winning Edge

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Fintech sales can be tough, but Lisa Coyle of 360 Payments has found her stride

The aim of 360 Payments is to change the fabric of the payments industry by partnering with customers to provide honest and streamlined payment solutions. We chatted to Lisa Coyle, Co-CEO of 360 Payments, to find out how her customer-centric approach has helped to drive her success.

The mission of 360 Payments is to remove the stigma of credit card processing by delivering honest and pain-free payments. Lisa explains that the idea came to life in 2011 when she and her business partner were only 24 and 26.

“We were just two kids who knew how to sell and accidentally became CEOs of a big company.”

Trust and long-lasting relationships are integral to scalable sales success. Solid customer relationships not only generate more sustainable revenue but also serve to bolster your reputation and establish your business as a powerful and successful player in the market.

It seems that ambition and resilience were written into Lisa’s DNA. From a young age, Lisa was enterprising and always pushing herself to work harder and do better.

It is perhaps no surprise then that 360 Payments is growing fast. The company has been selected for the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing businesses in America for the fourth year in a row and has now opened operations in California, Utah and Oklahoma.

“I’ll admit I’m a born entrepreneur. I was always that kid that my parents would describe as relentless and competitive. I was the one who sold the most entertainment books on the soccer team just so my parents didn’t have to pay for a jersey or a uniform or set up lemonade stands in our driveway so I could buy a trampoline. The persistence and competitiveness are still in me today and I don’t see myself ever stopping.”

While persistence and competitiveness are undoubtedly key attributes for any successful business leader, it’s Lisa’s compassion and genuine interest in others that has truly made her, and her business, unstoppable. Of course, confidence in her own product is integral to her success, but she considers this to be secondary to her customers.

3 Simple Rules for Customer-First Sales

Customer-centricity runs through the veins of everything 360 Payments does. Lisa takes a real interest in her customers and how she can make their business and their life better.

“What makes me feel like I’m winning is truly being genuinely interested in the customer and what’s going on in their personal lives and their business. What I sell is secondary to that foundation of trust.”

The success of Lisa’s customer-first approach is based on three simple rules:

1. Be Genuinely Curious

“Salespeople need to be genuinely curious about their prospects. They need to not only ask questions but make the questions sincere and provide feedback as to why they are asking the question so it doesn’t come off ‘salesy’”

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