Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Best Practices

By Aastha Sirohi

Abandoned Cart Email Templates

Long time, no see! Did you forget us?

Imagine if a close friend of yours sent that message to you. What would you most likely do?

I would like to believe you would instantly call or text back and make up for making your friend feel ‘abandoned’.

Would you do the same if a brand or a company sent you that message in your inbox?

Abandoned carts are a huge revenue loss for business owners, and sending out abandoned cart emails can be crucial to make up for potential losses and bring back interested customers to complete their orders and empty out the filled carts.

According to a study, most online retailers lose approximately 75% sales to abandoned carts and for some industries, the average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 83.6%.

Abandoned cart email marketing campaigns are a gateway to recovering these losses and maintaining a healthy conversion rate.

As a retail business owner, it is becoming increasingly important to stay top of mind to be able to drive desired results and compel interested customers to become loyal ones. Email marketing for retail is not just a tool to stay connected with customers, but a necessity to recover abandoned cart losses and maximize sales and profits.

Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices

So, here’s what we know:

  • Cart abandonment is a big problem.
  • Sending out a series of follow-up emails is an effective tactic to recover abandoned carts.

That said, is every email able to bring in the desired action from cart abandoners?


And, that’s where the need to know, follow and execute abandoned cart email best practices comes in.

The thing is, your customers receive a huge number of emails every single day. And unfortunately, most of these are irrelevant to them and instantly discarded.

You are treading on thin ice here…

You have a few seconds and just about 4-5 words that go in your subject line to make an impression and generate enough curiosity to get your abandoned cart emails opened.

Yup, that’s all you have. But that’s not our final goal here.

We want our customers to not just open the abandoned cart email, but be compelled to complete their order and make a purchase. How do we ensure that?

Here are the abandoned cart email best practices that higher the chances of customers completing their orders:

1. Time

When you send out the abandoned cart email is the first and most important aspect to consider. Sending out the first email to remind online shoppers of an abandoned cart within 60 minutes is believed to bring in the highest conversions. This can be followed by another email after 24 hours, and a last and final one 3-4 days later.

Pro Tip: 2-3 abandon cart emails is the maximum you should aim for or risk being junked, or worse, make customers unsubscribe.

2. Value Addition

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact reason as to why a customer decided to abandon the cart at this moment. The most common reasons for abandoning carts are believed to be high prices, unexpected additional charges like shipping prices and being unsure of …read more

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