Apply These 14 Expert Techniques to Make Your Job Postings Stand Out

By The Young Entrepreneur Council

How to Make Job Postings Stand Out

The job hunt can seem like a never-ending stream of applications and interviews for candidates. And it can feel that way for the companies posting jobs too. AmdIn order to stand out from competitors, keep the job posting fresh for as long as possible and, ultimately, find the ideal fit for the position, companies need to continually refine their job-posting processes. That’s why we asked entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following:

“What is your preferred method for making job postings stand out for as long as possible? Why does this approach work so well?”

How to Make Job Postings Stand Out

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

1. Target Specific Personalities

“Know the type of potential employee you are targeting. Understand the persona you’re looking for — the type of person who will fit in with your company culturally and professionally. Use language that would be receptive by this type of person. Are you looking for someone fun, creative and quirky, or technical and by the book? Tailor your listing accordingly so it sparks a connection with readers.” ~ Stephen Beach, Craft Impact Marketing

2. Emphasize Perks

“We like to highlight the benefits of working for us, like remote work and flexible schedules. We also emphasize our culture. [And] we show that this is a place you want to work. Also, a lack of culture fit is just a waste of time and energy because the person will end up leaving or we will have to pull the plug. It works because the perks draw people in and the cultural aspect helps refine the search.” ~ Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

3. Highlight the Skills

“Our job postings start with a list of skills required, taking a different approach from the traditional description-based posts. We are a software company, and we need candidates with the same tech stack as ours. The skills-based posting format effectively automates candidate sourcing and drastically compresses time-to-hire, especially for roles that require a set of must-have technical skills.” ~ Sean Hinton, SkyHive

4. Encourage the Team to Circulate Postings

“I’ve seen an incentivized newsletter list be quite effective at catching people who can find quality candidates. Offering something in the realm of $200 for a successful applicant is a good way to get people to consistently read the posting and to share it with relevant people.” ~ Nicole Munoz, Nicole Munoz Consulting

5. Make It a Social Ad

“We turn our job posts into ads on various social networks so they can appear at certain times and remain top of mind. This also allows us to target certain audience segments that may be looking for us like we are looking for them.” ~ John Hall,

6. Incorporate Different Media Formats

“Instead of …read more

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