B2B Personalization Strategy: Treat the Buyer’s Journey Like a Bingo Card

By Dave Parsons

In a blog post I wrote at the end of last year, I explained how to prioritize your personalization campaign ideas so you can achieve the quickest time to value. This is a good approach to ensure your efforts deliver an ROI, but you’ll also want to think more broadly about the buyer’s journey at the same time. If all of your campaigns are at the top of the funnel, even if they are effective campaigns that deliver value and drive people to the middle of the funnel, all your hard work is for nothing if you don’t also drive people from the middle to the bottom of the funnel.

You want to ensure that you deliver a relevant and engaging experience at all stages of the funnel so that no matter which stage a prospect falls into, he or she will find material that helps them reach their ultimate purchase decision.

In this blog post, I’ll describe a fun framework for helping ensure you have the right mix of campaigns to cover the whole buyer’s journey.

The Bingo Card Approach

Think of the prospect journey as a bingo card: the columns (letters) are the key stages in the journey, while the numbers are the plays or use cases that you can take from your prioritization matrix. Thinking about the journey as a bingo card is fun, and it reflects the fact that you are working to check off each of the plays and that the journey is not always sequential.

By the way, here’s what a bingo card looks like (in the US, that is, although the analogy is equally applicable to UK bingo cards).

b2b personalization strategy

At the most basic level, we might classify the key stages of the journey as “Top of Funnel,” “Middle of Funnel” and “Bottom of Funnel.” Within each stage, we have goals that we are trying to meet. At the top of the funnel, you might be trying to reduce bounce rates or increase engagement with blog content. In the middle of the funnel, you likely want to encourage visitors to sign up for your emails or download a piece of content. And at the bottom of funnel, you probably want to get visitors to request a demo or start free trial.

By understanding your goals of each stage, you can select campaigns that will meet that goal and drive people to the next stage of the funnel.

Campaigns Ideas

Personalization campaigns can be targeted either to segments (visitors in a specific industry, interested in a certain topic, or who came in through a certain ad campaign, etc.) or to individuals using individualized, machine-learning-based recommendations. Ideally, a personalized experience isn’t very obvious. Instead, you want to guide visitors to the next stage of the journey in a way that feels natural. Any messages they see should make them feel comfortable and reassure them that they are making the right decisions.

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