Battle of the SERP: Combining SEO & PPC Forces to Win

By Candice Harwood

kidnapped princess and listing

Legend has it there’s a castle deep in the heart of the second page of Google. Guarding a castle is a monster named Bowser. Every so often, Bowser will creep from his home and attack innocent listings on the first page (as well as the occasional princess) to bring them back to his castle never to be seen again… until now!

Are you ready to play Super Marketing Bros?

In today’s game, we’ll learn how you can use SEO and PPC together to maximize your marketing efforts – and rescue those listings from Bowser. Let’s go!

Here we go!

Today, we’ll be working on rescuing Bowser’s latest victims. Super Mario Plumbing is a plumbing company located in the extremely competitive market of Mushroom Kingdom. It’s a family-owned business, currently being run by Mario and Luigi after their father had an unfortunate run in with a carnivorous plant. With their listing, he’s also captured the kingdom’s beloved princess, Peach.

PRESS START: Understanding SEO & PPC

Before we get to rescuing, we need to understand SEO and PPC. So what are they? SEO and PPC both fall in the category of “inbound marketing” strategies. Inbound marketing is a type of marketing that allows prospects to find you, rather than you finding them. PPC and SEO work to ensure you show up when someone searches for your name, product, or service.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of structuring your site, as well as other areas of the web, to teach search engines what you do and who you are. In return, search engines will show your site to prospects via “organic listings” (listings that are not ads). Though you don’t have to pay for a click, SEO does involve major investments when it comes to time.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click marketing (also known as SEM, or search engine marketing). PPC is the practice of purchasing a slot on the first page of a search engine, usually via live auction on selected keywords. Unlike SEO, PPC delivers fast results. The second your ads are live, prospects are seeing your business when they search for you.

So Which Marketing Strategy Should I Use?

Trick question!

For the past few years, Super Mario Bros plumbing has been making a common mistake. Mario and Luigi have been working against each other, debating on using PPC or SEO. The first step in rescuing their listing is to realize that both PPC and SEO have strengths and weaknesses that directly complement each other. Let’s dive into combined strategies, and why you should use these channels in concert.

Most Marketing Agencies Will Recommend This “Combined” Game Plan:

  1. Start off with strong and competitive PPC campaigns.
  2. Begin to rank via SEO for the successful PPC keywords.
  3. Back away from PPC, and run off SEO-generated leads.

When we sit and think about it, this “combined strategy” really isn’t combined at all! When you keep SEO and PPC separated …read more

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