Behind the Scenes at the Great Google Getaway of 2019

By Gordon Donnelly

Great Google Getaway

What a week it was! Nearly six months have passed since we first fired up our Great Google Getaway contest. A refresher—here’s what we wrote about it then:

Imagine, if you will, spending an entire day on Google’s campus with unfettered access to their product and marketing experts… Now, imagine getting that kind of exclusive access for FREE. No conference fees, no hotel fees, no sirloin steak fees—not even air fare. Your only responsibility? Improving your Google Ads account—which, you guessed it, is also going to save you money. Some might call that the dream. We call it the Great Google Getaway.

Six months later, Senior Manager of Engagement Marketing Chris McHale and I joined our three lucky winners in Mountain View for a week of slick presentations, vintage wine tasting, all around good-time-having, and a ribeye that was far too big for one person. Here’s a wrap up of the trip.

The fellas. And our travel coordinator, Sammy (far right).

The Winners

But first—let’s devote a little time to talking about the wonderful personalities on this trip.

The winners were selected from a pool of contestants who ran our Google Google Ads Performance Grader from July 16 to September 15 of 2018. The contestants were to use the insights gleaned from their first reports to improve their accounts within 30 days. At the 30-day mark, we automatically ran the numbers again. Of the hundreds of people who entered, we chose the five who made the biggest improvements to their accounts in that 30-day time frame. Unfortunately, two of the winners dropped out due to conflicts; the remaining three joined the WordStream team in California to reap the spoils of their victory.

Great Google Getaway Golden Gate

Champagne at 9am! From left to right: Brian Hackney, me, Dug Stevenson, Chris McHale, Samantha Clifford, Maggie Kuckie, and Jim Kuckie.

Brian Hackney, Hackney Brothers Concrete Cutting LLC

Brian hails via Austin, Texas, where he owns and operates Hackney Brothers Concrete Cutting Company. He’s been using Google Ads for about 10 months, and he says his biggest challenge has been optimizing his ad dollars. Had he known about companies like Wordstream earlier in his advertising efforts, he says, he could have easily saved thousands up-front:

“The Grader provided recommendations that, in my opinion, offered real value for maximizing brand exposure; however, most of my clients conduct their transactions via email or in-person. Nonetheless, I can see the need for these services growing as the construction industry takes further advantage of the time and cost-saving technologies available via most web platforms, particularly in the areas of bidding, billing, and customer relations.”

Brian’s business has achieved some incredible milestones this year, including doubling his operational fleet and adding a full-spectrum concrete pouring service for his clients. The name of the game at this point, he says, is to continue his company’s upward …read more

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