Boost your Social Media Presence With These Expert Tips

By Sean

Talking about social media and blogging in general, content is often considered the king. Undoubtedly in a way, it is. This is what you put before people, through which they start to develop thoughts about your brand’s image and then they decide whether they follow you or not. The question is whether or not content is the only thing you should focus your efforts on. Not at all!

In fact I have placed ‘content creation’ as a rule at the bottom of this post; I’m sure that you would understand why as you go along the post.

With around 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, does it not sound like a good idea to know how you can get the most out of the time you spend on social media platforms? Apart from brand recognition, increased followers & more potential customers, having a robust social media presence also enhances your Google SERP positioning because your social media and SEO work together.

Go through and apply these 12 rules to build up your social media presence.

1) The Beauty of Compounding

It beats every kind of paid promotions if your audience is proactively sharing your content.

Take Buzzfeed’s Tasty video series as an example. The videos have:

  • Accumulated more than 14 billion views
  • Buzzfeed estimates that 1 in 4 Facebook users views a Tasty video once a month

Let’s see exactly why we share content online. The individual reasons are written in question format so that while you create content, you can refer to them as a guide:

  • Is it hilarious?
  • Is it jaw dropping?
  • Does it evoke deep emotions?
  • Does it resonate with our general world view?
  • Does it make you stop and ponder?
  • Has it been broadcasted by mainstream media?
  • Is it gossipy?
  • Is it provocative?

If you have an affirmative answer to any of the questions below then you are good to go!

2) Make friends with Call-To-Action (CTA)

Did you know that if you couple a Call-To-Action or CTA with your content, then you can increase your followers significantly?

Conversion consultant Jeremy Smith, writing for Kissmetrics says:

“Your audience’s minds are prepared for the experience of being called to act. They know it’s coming. Their minds have already decided that there will be a CTA”

And that’s true!

Don’t disguise your call to action just because you think it’s goading to your audience. They are expecting it, so give it to them but do it right.

Speaking of CTAs, here are a few examples on how you can use them on various social media networks:

Use annotations

Ever seen those bubbles that pop up during the video that ask you to like, subscribe or comment? Use them.

Use a Screen (usually at the end of the video)

The screen is used to direct the viewer to either another video or your website’s link.

Manual requests

You can manually request the viewer to perform some action (like/share/subscribe/comment/go to site etc)

Your lucrative content does drive people to your business page. Make sure you get the most out of such opportunity.

There are a plethora of call to action buttons you can choose from:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Donate

How to create a call-to-action button:

  1. Go to your business page’s cover photo and click on +Add a Button
  2. Choose your preferred call-to-action button and feed your website’s URL
  3. Click Create
  4. That’s it. Easy, right?

Perhaps the most underutilized platform, Twitter has immense potential, however. The problem with Twitter is its 140 character limit. Here are some short but very effective call to action statements:

  • Free trial
  • Read more
  • Retweet this
  • Subscribe/ Buy now
  • Download

Pair all of these short CTA statements with a shortened link to the page where you want your audience to land.

There are many sites which shorten urls, like tinyurl, but I personally prefer Google URL shortener.

Another way is to put your URL in the tweet. when twitter fetches your page, delete the URL.

Another weapon to keep in your arsenal is conversational ads. They are very effective.

3) Connect with Influencers

“Rubbing shoulders with giants”, or so they say is a better tactic to enhance your social media presence than to rely only on a single traffic source. What I mean by that is there is so much to gain if you could put yourself within the loop of major influencers.

Simple steps you can follow to do so are:

Build a spreadsheet

Start by whatever names you have in mind and we can layer up from there. The details to be included are…

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Website/blog
  4. Twitter handle
  5. Last contacted time

Where can you find entrepreneurs/bloggers/marketers one step ahead of you?

  1. On reddit
  2. local meetups
  3. startup directories
  4. Youtube tutorials video creators
  5. Google search (last but effective resort)

Include them while guest blogging

It’s good to include some of the influencer’s relevant content while you write a guest blog post and mention them. Let them know. It’s good to be in their good books.

Comment on their content

Refrain from making worthless comments like “awesome post”. When someone creates content, they usually put their heart and soul into it. Hence they appreciate if you mention the part of the content you liked the most, get into sensible discussions on comments section etc.

Offer value

Instead of pestering them with endless tweets and messages, offer value. If you are a web designer, offer a free consultation on their website’s/blog’s design. Facilitate worthwhile connections among like-minded influencers. Introduce them to influencers you know who can be useful to them.

4) Stop blowing your trumpet

David Ogilvy said “The consumer isn’t a moron. She’s your wife.”

Hand out content that is practically useful …read more

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