Buzzword Bingo: How to Interpret What Your SEO Company is Telling You

By Emily Green

Many companies have a daily struggle with trying to figure out what they are going to do as far as SEO/Content marketing goes.

Building a team in-house can be quite costly and with all applicants referring to themselves as “SEO Gurus” it can be hard to pick out the right hire.

Choosing a company to take care of your content marketing and SEO can be just as difficult. There are those SEO marketing companies that are full of pros while other companies can be a few people in a living room with outdated knowledge.

With all of the technical talk that SEOs tend to do when asked a difficult question, many people need translators for what these things actually mean. The following are some things that you will be told by SEO/Content marketing companies and what they really mean.

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The Results Are More Qualitative at This Point

This is the largest lie that any marketing company can tell a client. While brand awareness can be measured in qualitative results, online marketing simply isn’t something that qualitative results should be used for. This marketing should have an end goal of bringing more traffic to the website, increasing leads from the website, and moving up the search rankings for particular keywords.

When asking for results you should ask the company being used to put it as simply as possible. Sometimes SEOs tend to use unfamiliar verbiage when going over a part of the campaign that hasn’t been successful. Track results carefully and you will be able to see the ROI of each tactic the company is using. This allows you to put money into the more efficient services and eliminate those that aren’t profitable.

We Like to Keep Our Processes to Ourselves

Having a content marketing company that does link building can be quite fruitful but it can also be dangerous. If a company is not willing to explain their process of outreach to you, this is a huge red flag. The company could be paying for posts or even be putting you on a blog network that gets no real traffic that they own.

The livelihood of your business could be at stake so requiring the processes by outlined is essential. Companies that do not reveal this should be passed over during consideration. If the tactics used are so sketchy or outdated that they can get the company in trouble or will be useless then they will most likely want to keep the processes to themselves.

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We Have a PBN Just for You

Most people don’t even know what a PBN is let alone how it can help a company market. This is a network of domains that have garnered backlinks in the past but since expired and have been taken over by another company/person. These private blog networks can deliver quick results but the results are often fleeting. A company saying they have a PBN just for you means it is for you and whatever other clients that they have.

These networks can sell thousands of links a year and can lead to a company being required to disavow hundreds of links. PBN sites usually have a simple design and look more like a content dump with links incorporated. Very little social traffic or comments are made on these sites as they are built just to build links for clients. If a company says using PBNs is their main tactic, avoid this as the results aren’t there to stay and you can have your business penalized.

We’ve Had Clients Penalized in the Past

This can be taken a few different ways as even some of the best companies have had clients penalized for one reason or another. If the client was penalized for overly optimized keyword links that look unnatural, this can be blamed on both the SEO company and client. Many clients are not willing to get rid of their exact match anchor text so it makes it easy for Google to pick out who has been buying links. Asking if they have had any clients that have gotten a website deindexed might be awkward but it is absolutely necessary.

Deindexing a website is a death penalty Google gives out that takes months to be reindexed if Google decides to index the site again at all. With a majority of traffic coming from Google, this error by the SEO company could put an E-commerce or other online based business completely out of business. This all but eliminates search engine leads coming through to the website which many businesses rely on as their main strategy to convert leads to sales.

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Bloggers Have the Content, They Are Just Waiting to Post

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand as content can drive a business up to the top of the search ranking as long as it garners enough traffic. In content link building campaigns can be a great way to rank for a keyword in a natural way that won’t have any red flags in Google’s eyes. The fact is that many smaller digital marketing agencies take on too much work which leads to missed deadlines.

Natural link building campaigns will take quite a bit of time more than those where the links are being paid for. When bloggers have the content and they are just waiting to post it, it says something about the marketing company you are using. They are not paying for posts because payment for posts usually leads to a prompt posting by bloggers. Another possibility is that the company is still outreaching for sites because they took on too big of an order.

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