Can I Get My Project Done on Upwork?

By Carey Wodehouse

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Whatever your project is, you can get it done with experts on Upwork. There are freelancers and agencies in every category from data science and design to mobile development and business analysis. And with the extra, built-in capabilities of agencies on Upwork, there’s no project too large, too technical, or too niche.

So… can you get your project done? Yes, you can—and here’s how.

Focus on the skills you need to get your project done.

“My project requires a very specific skill that’s hard to find.” It’s a common concern for highly technical, niche projects, but the reality is that tapping freelancers and specialized agencies is the most efficient and cost-effective way to access talent with well-honed, cutting-edge skills.

That’s because freelancers tend to invest more in growing their skills than full-time employees. A 2017 survey of freelancers in America found that 65% of full-time freelancers continue to update their skills as their jobs evolve compared with 45% of full-time employees. Some even take the time to learn peripheral skills in their field so they can take on more aspects of a layered project.

Anton A., founder and lead designer of web and mobile app development agency InVooDoo, is constantly seeking to learn the latest technologies, like ARKit for augmented reality, along with his team. Spending hours a day reading and expanding their skill sets, Anton’s team shares learnings, interesting articles, and new skills for web and mobile development. Beyond the technology, Anton also seeks out news and trends in app marketing so he can provide a deeper understanding to counsel clients when they share projects and their goals.

Specialized agencies on Upwork also offer access to even more top-notch skills under one roof. This makes them ideal partners for your most challenging project, whether it’s software development for a networked in-home device or production of a 3D video game.


  • Be explicit about what you need in your project post so you’re attracting qualified candidates. List skills or qualifications. (You can choose up to ten, but sometimes the more you choose, the narrower the field.)
  • Specify the level of expertise you need in your job post
  • Use filters to control who sees and can apply to your job post

These are some popular projects* completed by Upwork freelancers:

Category Project
Design Develop branded creative concepts for use in marketing campaigns
Update an existing website to align with the company’s new branding
Mobile development Develop custom Android mobile applications
Consulting Provide effectiveness coaching to help teams improve collaboration, communication, and productivity.
Web development Develop augmented reality applications for any industry, from manufacturing to medical care
Enhance an existing web application, whether it’s to upgrade a front-end framework, improve speed and efficiency, or add new functionality.
Integrate a Point-of-Sale system into an e-commerce site or web application
Deploy an IoT application utilizing the AWS IoT platform
Build a staging environment for the development of a GitHub Content Store
Build a cryptocurrency trading platform or other blockchain-powered application
Writing Improve your branded messaging with fresh creative copy for use in marketing materials
Photography Create high-quality images with a professional photography shoot
Network & System Administration Customize a Salesforce implementation with new …read more

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