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Happy New Year from the Clix Team

By Andrea Taylor Happy New Year, friends! Our team at Clix is wishing you a happy & healthy 2016! Here’s a few 2015 round-up & New Year-themed posts from the last couple of weeks:...

Don’t worry everything will be ok (GTFO) 0

Don’t worry everything will be ok (GTFO)

By Jeremy Schoemaker Do you surround yourself with people that have no experience with what you are doing but are always giving you positive reinforcement? Thats one of the most toxic things. I have...

10 Must-Have Tools for Small Business SEO 0

10 Must-Have Tools for Small Business SEO

by Jayson DeMers Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a popular strategy for a number of reasons. It’s relatively easy to learn and adopt, it offers compounding returns over time, and it doesn’t require a...


3 Sure-Bets for PPC in 2016

By Jill DuPre It’s almost a New Year, can you believe it?! Yah, yah, I know that it happens every year – but it’s still surprising! 2015 brought new toys to PPC-lovers like advanced...


Taking Auction Insights a Step Further

By Susan Wenograd I’m often surprised by how many people at conferences say they either didn’t know Auction Insights existed, or they admit they’ve glanced at it but not gone too far beyond that....


Happy Holidays From The Clix Team

By Andrea Taylor Happy Holidays from your friends at Clix Marketing! We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend! Source:: ClixBlog


12 days of Christmas: read our best posts of 2015!

By Joost de Valk We’re quite sure you’ve already noticed our excitement about the upcoming holidays: after our review sale we now have an awesome Academy sale! That’s because we think these holidays are...