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What Microsoft Edge Means for SEOs

By Zoompf Posted by Zoompf With the release of Windows 10, the general public can now use Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s new flagship web browser. Microsoft is striking out in new directions with Edge —...

Spotlight: DuckDuckGo’s Gabriel Weinberg 0

Spotlight: DuckDuckGo’s Gabriel Weinberg

By Mike O’Brien DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect user data, which appeals to people as ad blockers grow. But the search engine’s founder knows it’ll take more than privacy to lure people from Google. Source:: SEW

How to completely dominate Google’s first page 0

How to completely dominate Google’s first page

By Christopher Ratcliff See that’s the thing about SEO, it doesn’t matter how doggedly you optimise every element of your site, there will always be someone trying to ruin your plans for total SERP...


SEO Split-Testing: How to A/B Test Changes for Google

By willcritchlow Posted by willcritchlow At our recent SearchLove conferences, I’ve been talking about things we need to do differently as marketers amidst the big trends that are reshaping search. My colleague Tom Anthony,...