Easter Email Marketing That’ll Make Customers Hoppy

By VerticalResponse

Ready to get your profits hopping? Put all your eggs in one basket with creative email marketing. Easter-themed promotions have never been easier than with this short guide.

The hunt for the perfect email is over

Though all businesses can benefit from Easter email campaigns — and should capitalize on the opportunity — this article will focus on retail, restaurants and nonprofits.


Spring is officially in swing. For your customers, this likely means a change in wardrobe. Be the first that comes to mind for spring shopping by creating sales and promotions to match the upbeat feeling of the incoming warmer months. The below email from Lily Lulu does a great job of getting in on the Easter action by using seasonal colors, coupled with one of their products and a clear call to action:

Also consider an email that improves relationships instead of sales. Just be part of the celebration with customers by letting them know you are thinking of them during the long weekend. The below email from JOANN gives you an update and well wishes, but doesn’t push toward a purchase:

By the time Easter rolls around, we’re nearing the season of barbecues, pool parties and family reunions. Consider capitalizing on that with promotions using the terms “family” and “party.” Help people shop for loved ones; it’s the perfect time to surprise a spouse or create a gift basket for children.

For example, retailers could bundle together a basket of products at a premium price, then promote it through an email campaign. With 48 percent of shoppers planning to purchase clothing at Easter — and about 25 percent planning to shop at a small business — it’s sure worth a try.


As 60 percent of people plan to visit friends and family on Easter Sunday, encourage a special dinner out by offering a discount, a free dessert and the like. In 2018, there was an estimated 5.7 billion dollars spent on Easter-related food purchases. Your goal is to get a piece of that pie (or chocolate bunny).

The key to promoting your restaurant will be making it stand out from your usual emails. For example, send customers a fancy email invitation to Easter brunch or grab their attention with Easter-themed copy and visuals.

Speaking of special, Easter is the perfect time to put together a special menu or food item. Promote the new menu by including photos in the email. People love to see and post pictures of their meals, so entice them to eat at your restaurant with visuals they’ll drool over.

Also ask: What makes your food different from the restaurant down the block? Could you craft a special chocolate cake shaped like a bunny or serve multi-colored pancakes?

Before you send your email, make sure that it’s clear that you’re open for business during the holiday. And be sure to have plenty of staff on hand to handle the crowd.

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