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Many bloggers are a bit intimidated by SEO and what exactly it means, but there is no need for it. There was a time when all we heard was SEO and how to apply it to our writing. You want to be able to get as much traffic to your website as possible and if you do not know anything about SEO, it might be impossible. I am going to take you through the steps of becoming an SEO expert fast.

Choose a niche

If you want the search engines to find you and like your website, you have to make it clear on what can be found when readers are directed there. Having a specific niche is a great way to get more traffic. The great thing about this is that you know the readers are looking for what your website is offering. Your competition is automatically lower when you create a very specific niche and you do not have to invest a lot of money into your website.

High-quality Content

The search engines pick up bad content and will usually not list your site if your content is terrible. You can avoid this by writing high quality posts. An SEO expert knows this and pays a lot of attention to the content that goes online. There are many tools available to content writer online and many of them do not cost a cent. Make sure you have a sentence punctuation checker and a sentence comma corrector. We always think of a grammar and spell checker, but there are much more available to help create great content.


One of the important elements of becoming and SEO expert is having the ability to create links. These links need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are not broken. Sometimes you find good websites and link to it, but if those websites go down, your link would not work. Broken links are picked up by the search engines and your site can be penalized. Create good backlinks from your website to reputable sites and you will see the traffic numbers increase.

Analytic Skills

When readers visit your website or blog, you need to be able to know what interest them and what did not. This is how you monitor the behavior of your users. It may not be high on the priority list for some webmasters, but this is where you come in with your SEO expertise. This is going to show you what to add more of and what to remove. How long does a user stay on one page and what do they do thereafter? There is a lot of software available such as Onstat to monitor user behavior and give you an effective result. It is impossible to do this manually and can only be done with the correct programs and software.

Customer satisfaction

At the end of the day having a website is about building strong relationships with your users. These are individuals looking for something specific and if you are able to deliver on that, you will surely win them over. Keep your readers happy and you can do this by adding value to their lives. You can have the most brilliant content on your website, but if you do not keep your users happy, you really aren’t winning. Is your website easy to navigate and how long is your transition time? These can make or break your success. It is not all about delivering a good product, but the service you give after the product has been delivered.


You need to be able to do good research as an SEO expert. This can be done for content information or to keep up with the latest SEO trends. There are always changes in the online world and if you want to stay up to date with these, you need to research. I am not talking about on the surface research that any person can do, but the type of research that takes it a step further. Know where to go to find the most effective information and then go ahead and apply what works for you. You can also use these skills when searching for better keywords because it is an essential driving force when it comes to growing traffic.


A site audit is done by an SEO expert and is sometimes a forgotten step. If there is a SEO problem, you need to be able to fix it as soon as possible. Every moment that problem is not fixed, you are losing customers. There are tools online that allows you to do a site audit free of charge. SEO site checkup is one of those tools and I highly recommend it. The beauty of this process is that you do not let problems go unnoticed and you should be seeing the results in a few weeks.

Results driven

You want to be results driven as an SEO expert and that sometimes require some level of patience. If your website has been penalized by Google, you are not going to get rid of that penalty quickly, but you can do so in time. This is why I recommend a sentence and punctuation checker as one of your tools, because sometimes it’s the small things that count. Focus on the long-term results and you will keep your clients and customers very happy.


There was a time when we feared the work SEO, but not anymore. We have so much information available to us at our fingertips. Use a good hosting company so that you do not have a lot of down time on your website. Your users should be able to trust you and know that your website is going to deliver to their needs. You only have one chance to impress someone, especially with all the options available. Practice these skills daily and before you know it, you will be doing it with your eyes closed (not literally).


This is Guest Post From Sandra Goode

About Her: Sandra Goode works as a content manager and her passion is guest posting. Her life credo is “Never give up“. Her dream is to become a cool writer and famous blogger. Sandra is fond of reading, traveling and cooking.

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