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By Amy Carpenter

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Updated in August 2018.

FedEx Ground is a package shipping company headquartered in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. One of UPS‘ most important competitors, the company specializes in cost-effective, small package transportation, pickup, and delivery. They pick up, transport, and deliver more than 6 million packages daily, throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have created this guide to help you log into the MyGroundBiz portal. We will also provide solutions to some of the issues users face during the FedEx Ground Biz login process.

FedEx Ground Biz Login Step-by-step Instructions

Follow the steps listed in this section to log into the MyGroundBiz portal through a computer’s browser.

  1. Using your preferred browser, go to the MyGroundBiz portal at
  2. Once on the FedEx Ground Biz portal, identify the “Sign In” section.
  3. Enter your login ID in the field labeled “FedEx ID.”
  4. Click on the button labeled “LOG IN” to get to your account’s dashboard.

FedEx Ground Biz Mobile Login Step-by-step Instructions

In this part of the login guide, we will show you how to log into the MyGroundBiz portal through a mobile device’s web browser.

  1. Open your mobile device’s browser, and go to the MyGroundBiz portal linked above.
  2. Once the page loads, find the “Sign In” section.
  3. Type your login ID in the provided field.
  4. Tap the button labeled “LOG IN” to complete the FedEx Ground Biz login process.

Unfortunately, there is no app that you can use to login to your FedEx Ground Biz account. So, if you want to access your account on the go, you’ll have to follow the steps in the section above, and use your phone’s browser.

FedEx Ground Biz Login Customer Support

FedEx Ground Biz users are required to change their password after every 90 days. You will receive the “Your password has expired” error message if you try logging into your account using an expired password. Luckily, they have a handy guide that shows you how to change your password.

If you are receiving the “Either your username or password, do not match. Please try again” error message, you are entering incorrect login credentials. Confirm that you are typing the correct username and password. Additionally, it is worth noting that passwords are case sensitive, and must be typed in the correct lowercase and uppercase characters.

Try these troubleshooting steps if you are unable to sign into your account:

  • Restart your computer, then try logging into your account again.
  • Clear your browser’s history, cookies, cache, and temporary internet files.
  • If you have enabled popup blocker on your browser, add to the popup blocker allowed sites.
  • Add to your browser’s list of trusted sites.
  • Temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall program.
  • Use a different device or web browser to access the FedEx Ground Biz website.

The FedEx Ground Biz website is designed to work best with the most recent versions of internet browsers. FedEx recommends that you use Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or the most current version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

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