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Forward Voicemail to Email and Get Your Messages in One Place

Business professionals today have to deal with more forms of communication than ever before, which is why voicemail to email is such a wonderful feature.

There is a constant stream of emails, faxes, text messages, phone calls and voicemails coming in, and you’re expected to keep up with all this information, make sense of it all, and to get back to these people in all these different locations.

It’s easy to see how some business professionals can become overwhelmed with the task, and why some customers are being overlooked unintentionally.

One simple solution to this problem is to combine different communication streams into one another with voicemail to email services. This makes it easier to see those messages and to respond to them.

Most businesses are already doing this very thing with fax to email services, but far fewer are using a service to transfer voicemails over to an email account.

These services allow you to listen to voicemails from within an email inbox just as you would on a phone, just more efficiently and in the same place that all your other business emails are coming in from.

It’s easy to see some immediate benefits to such a solution right away, but there are more benefits to voicemail to email services than you might realize.

Forward Voicemail to Email

Below we break down 6 of the most applicable benefits of voicemail to email and how they might benefit the everyday business professional.

How Voicemail to Email Services Work

Once you pay for a service that’s designed to record and transfer your messages to email, using the service is surprisingly simple.

The first step is to connect your voicemail inbox with the service provider. This is usually as simple as providing the voicemail inbox number and code. Follow the straightforward steps provided to connect your account and you’ll be ready to go.

Once you have your voicemail connected to the service, you will be asked to provide an email for where the messages should be sent. You can have it sent to a private email address for personal viewing, or have it sent to a public business email for something like customer service management.

As soon as the accounts are all linked up, your future voicemails will route over to the email address that you add to the service account. From there you can open up emails, click on the voicemail to listen to it, or immediately send it to other colleagues or store it away for listening later on.

Exploring the Benefits

There are several very obvious benefits of a service that directs voicemails over to an email inbox, but there are some other not-so-obvious benefits as well. We’re going to explore all the potential benefits and help you figure out exactly what this sort of service can do for you.

You’ll See Voicemails Sooner for More Efficient Response Times

One huge benefit of voicemail to email for business users is how much easier the service makes it to spot that voicemails are there in the first …read more

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