Growing Your Business with Vertical SEO: How to Use the IBSO Process to Rank in Amazon, YouTube, Pinterest, & More

By Russ Henneberry

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Newsflash, guys:

Search optimization is bigger than ever…

…and it’s NOT just about ranking on Google.

No, I’m not talking about Bing optimization or Yahoo! optimization or DuckDuckGo optimization.

In fact, I’m not talking about optimizing for general search engines at all.

I’m talking about a different kind of search optimization. A kind of optimization that, depending on your business, might be far more important than improving your organic rankings in Google.

I’m talking about vertical SEO (search engine optimization).

In this post, you’re going to learn…

  • What “vertical search” is
  • Why it’s so critical for so many companies, and finally…
  • How to use the IBSO (Intent-Based Search Optimization) process to rank in search engines other than Google — such as Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube, and more

Ready to get started?

We’ll begin with how vertical SEO is different than Google SEO.

General Search vs. Vertical Search

Let’s say you own a Thai restaurant, and you’re trying to get your site in front of local people who are searching online.

Optimizing your business for the right vertical search engines can have a huge effect on your bottom line. ~Russ HenneberryOne search query that you want to target is “Thai food.”

But as anyone in the restaurant business can tell you, Google is NOT the only important search engine you have to keep in mind.

For local restaurants trying to attract new customers, Yelp is just as important as Google is.

But here’s the thing: Yelp and Google are different kinds of search engines with completely different algorithms.

Google is what we call a “general search engine.” You can go to Google to search for just about anything you can imagine.

Yelp, on the other hand, is a “vertical search engine.” In other words, it focuses on a specific niche, industry, or vertical. It’s more of a specialty search engine.

In the case of Yelp, that vertical includes local businesses — like restaurants, bars, hotels, and so on.

Other examples of vertical search engines include…

  • Amazon (for physical products)
  • Indeed (for jobs)
  • Trulia and Zillow (for real estate)

So, why is vertical search so important?

Research shows that searches conducted on vertical search engines are growing — especially on the all-important mobile device.

A 2013 comScore report revealed that vertical search grew 8% YoY while Google searches declined 2% YoY.

Meanwhile, an article in The New York Times revealed that Amazon gets more shopping searches than Google does.

Now, I’m not saying you need to be optimized for ALL vertical search engines. That wouldn’t make sense at all.

But optimizing your business for the right vertical search engines can have a huge effect on your bottom line.

So, the next thing you might be wondering is… how do you know which vertical search engines are important for your business?

And to answer that question, let’s turn to a concept called IBSO.

Introducing: Intent-Based Search Optimization (IBSO)

If there’s one SEO mistake that companies make all the time, it’s this:

They improve search rankings that don’t have any effect on their business. <img …read more

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