Herdwick Shepherd Tips the Model

By Bob James

Q: Social media gurus talk in praise of the tribe. But who stands up for the herd?

A: James Rebanks, the “Herdwick Shepherd.”

A self-proclaimed Luddite, Rebanks is a British farmer and author of the best-selling memoir The Shepherd’s Life.

With 75,000 followers, he’s also a Twitter phenomenon.

Writing for The Atlantic, Rebanks calls Tweeting about sheep “an act of resistance and defiance, a way of shouting to the sometimes disinterested world that you’re stubborn, proud, and not giving in.”

What goes here?

Sheep have long symbolized the very opposite of “resistance and defiance.”

“Fortunately, the world is not built solely to serve good natured herd animals their little happiness,” the free-spirited philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said.

“I define ‘sheepwalking’ as the outcome of hiring people who have been raised to be obedient and giving them a braindead job,” Seth Godin says.

Intentionally or not, Rebanks has flipped the model.

Or should I say, tipped?

Suddenly sheep are superbly chic.

SPEAKING OF TIPPED: Ann Ramsey tipped me off to the Herdwick Shepherd.

Source:: Mighty Copywriter

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