How to Boost Your Writing Confidence When it Takes a Big Blow

By Manisha Sukhyani

How to Boost Your Writing Confidence When it Takes a Big Blow

Yesterday, I was sharing my first guest post, published on a great site, with my friend. When she read it, she said, “See Manisha, how you can write on any topic. And here I am, stuck with one niche only.”

I consoled her that she too can write on anything. I used to think like her but when I cleared my basics for writing, I become able to write anything on any topic. I even lent her a helping hand by giving her first-hand advice to boost her writing confidence.

My first advice as a writer

That advice was “Start writing your daily journal”, followed by “Write like you are sharing your personal issues with your best friend.”

This advice will remove all the hurdles of writing. You are not under pressure of writing for anyone. You are free to write at your own will. And you are sharing your thoughts which make you extraordinarily creative.

Even after having this handy advice, every writer faces one common problem: an inner voice telling them, “You can’t write or this is not how you should write.” It shakes the confidence of those who are new to writing. They just don’t know how to shut that voice out.

Well, I have a solution.

Meditative writing

This is where a “Meditation Analogy” comes to aid.

First of all, let me tell you what Meditation is. Many think that meditation is getting rid of thoughts. That’s not true. Meditation is living with thoughts without letting them affect you. While I meditate, I always found myself getting lost in thoughts. I simply get myself back to concentrate on the meditation again.

Same goes for writing as well.

What you have to do while writing is: let those shaking thoughts come but don’t allow them to affect you. Just keep writing. Whenever you find yourself getting lost in thoughts while writing, take a few breathes and simply bring yourself back to write again. This way you are not allowing your thoughts to disturb you.

Meditative writing for writing confidence

Initially, it will be hard, not to give your thoughts attention, but within a week you will get used to it.

Note: It doesn’t mean that you have to meditate. Of course, if you want to, it will help. That’s just not necessary.

“Alright, Manisha. Let’s say we started writing without getting disturbed from our thoughts. Then what?”

Then, it’s time to learn.

How to learn writing

I got tired of those books and people who tell me that writing is your own language. I do believe it but what if you have to write something that you don’t like. How will your language support you when you sit down to write something you don’t want to?

After getting the language advice again and again for 5 years, I decided to quit writing.

And I did quit.

But I didn’t quit reading. I started reading whatever came to hand. Through the course of my reading journey, I found one book named “2K to 10K: Writing Faster” by …read more

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